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Supported Bukkit Versions

  • CB 1.4.7-R1.0



We've opened the source code and are currently accepting contributions/PRs. See the "contribute" link in the description.

  • Converting config option to purge data into a list, so you can use multiple delete rules.
  • Correcting bug that showed purge data settings as always invalid
  • Minor code cleanup to check if we can safely place a block, adding fire to list of acceptable existing blocks.
  • Block placement of blocks 8/10 always turn into 9/11. Force correct data so a rollback/restore will not skip because of changed block ids.
  • Allowing a:insert actions to be restored.
  • Properly ignoring action if it doesn't support current process type.
  • Correcting issue with preview mode always skipping certain block events. It's not a perfect fix, but will work a lot better.


This release involved a serious investment of time and effort - not just from me, but a long list of users who reported issues and tested dev builds for us. Thanks to all involved. There's still a lot we want to do with Prism but 1.1 is a serious step forward from 1.0.

For those interested, we're considering open sourcing Prism so that we can get better faster with contributions from community. If you're interested, please join our IRC channel and let us know so we can gauge interest.

Important: This update includes a change to the format of the prism.clear-records-after configuration setting. You must
manually update your format to match. Change it to: "before:8w". Explanation below.

Important: This update will automatically apply a minor database schema change, which may take a moment depending on your data size.

  • Adding /prism report queue (or prism rp queue) which displays the event recording queue size. New perm node (more reports planned)
  • Adding way to exclude players, actions, and entities. Use ! before the name, like /prism rollback p:!viveleroi.
  • Added a configuration option to allow r:global to work for r/r/p commands. Off by default.
  • Added a configuration option to log player IP addresses if player-join is tracked. Off by default.
  • Added a configuration list of commands to ignore if you're tracking player-command.
  • Added new illegal-command feature (taken from dhmcMonitor, which we're killing off). Disabled by default, it allows you to black-list commands from in-game use.
  • Added better internal timer system for debug mode. Will be expanded in time.
  • Added two new parameters: before:(time) and since:(time) so you can limit queries to a timeframe, or purge records before a time.
  • Note: t:(time) has not changed. It acts as "since" just as it did previously, and like other plugins.
  • Add restore wand. /prism wand restore. Does the opposite of the rollback wand.
  • Flag -no-overwrite is now default, we finally found a way to remove the expensive db queries. Flag no longer valid.

  • Multiple preliminary performance improvements.

  • Changed /prism delete to accept the same parameters as l/r/r/p commands for better control over what you purge.
  • Config option for prism.clear-records-after now accepts parameters just like the command. You must update it to the new default of before:8w for it to work.
  • Changed /prism delete to work from console.

  • Fixed two bugs in which events that change existing non-air/liquid blocks (grass fading, blocks placed into grass/snow, etc) did not restore properly

  • Fixed redstone torches not being tracked when on the side of broken blocks.
  • Lighter events no longer show fire place events too.
  • Fixed typos in about, updated to our new website url (
  • Fixed dyed leather losing its color on a:remove rollback
  • Fixed enchanted books losing enchantments on a:remove rollback
  • Fixed splash potions turning into drinkable potions on a:remove rollback
  • Fixed wolf kill rollbacks when the wolf is unowned
  • Fixed offline player cast error on owned wolf rollback
  • Fixed certain characters in sign text being saved in encoded state, causes a very rare "data truncation" error.
  • Fixed fade events showing "air", and ignore fade when it's fire.

  • Minor params/help list updates.

  • A lot of code cleanup - removed old save queue code, old comments, etc.
  • Internal capability to support parameter names longer than one character.
  • Changed rollback query to always order by time in DESC order, so player actions are "rewound" properly. Fixes an "order of operations" bug.
  • This also eliminates the needs for peformance-killing query with -no-overwrite

The following issues were corrected from 1.1 release to current 1.1.1:

  • Changed bucket events into change actions so we can track the block replaced, and block created. Allows for rollbacks/restores
  • Removing two debug statements left in for player-commands
  • Correctly skipping hanging item placement if a block is invalid
  • Corrected concurrent modifcation error with argument preprocessing.


  • Converted actions and block lists into multi-select typeahead fields. They'll auto-suggest matches as you type for easier selection.
  • Added per-page select field.
  • Pagination bug fixes.
  • Pagination exists at both top and bottom of table now.
  • Updated items list
  • Minor cleanup/fixes

Older changelogs available at: