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Supported Bukkit Versions

  • CB 1.4.7-R0.1


Prism-v1.0.0-RC2 is likely the last rc before 1.0.

Important: we auto-apply minor changes to the database. If you have millions of records already this may take a few minutes and will happen during server startup. It will pause the console and say "applying updates, may take a few minutes". Please be patient if it does. This will be rare, and is making two performance enhancements to better support the web ui.

  • Adding an automated database schema upgrade system. This will auto-update your database with minor changes.
  • Adding indexes for action types and player columns after extensive query performance testing.
  • Adding a debug error for a very rare, but difficult to pinpoint error
  • Added a display during l/r/r/p that reminds you of any defaults in use.
  • Adding alerts for when blocks are broken - list of alerted blocks is configurable but empty by default.

Prism-v1.0.0-RC1-9 in an intermediate release as we work towards RC2, we just had a critical bugfix to get out.

  • Fixed a critical (i.e. server-crashing) bug with rollbacks of ocelots, pigzombies, and iron golems. (Entities with names that don't match their ENUMs)
  • Added nether portal break tracking and proper rollbacks.
  • Tracking player join and quit (disabled by default)
  • Adding "time since" display in logs for easier t: parameter use.
  • Preview counts no longer double when applied.
  • Minor tweaks.

Prism-v1.0.0-RC1 is a first (hopefully only) release candidate. If no urgent bugs are reported, we'll release as 1.0.

  • Minor fixes for NPEs.
  • Properly tracking block spread
  • Removed a class we forgot to delete previously
  • Minor cleanup.

Prism-v1.0.0-Beta2-29 is an intermediate build as we work towards RC

  • Improved mysql handling - multiple issues with overlapping connections corrected.
  • Improved sqlite handling - multiple issues with concurrency resolved. sqlite support should be fairly stable now. java default drivers seem very slow with sqlite. We're working on ways to improve it but there may not be much we can do.
  • Corrected tnt prime event recording when lighting grass.
  • Profile wand now works on entities
  • Use -per-page=# flag to specify a different number of results per page. Will save for the current query session, so all pagination of that data will also use this value.
  • Help commands now properly run from console
  • Short params list in /prism params cleanup. Duplicates removed, now sorted alphabetically.
  • Delete command and startup delete now perform actions on a separate thread.
  • Minor bug fixes and code improvements

Prism-v1.0.0-Beta2-17 is an intermediate build as we work towards RC

  • Added support for tracking, rolling back and restoring world edits.
  • Added experimental support for sqlite (essentially no-install,no-config) databases (for users who do not wish to use mysql)
  • Added player chat logging (disabled by default)
  • Multiple minor NPE bug fixes


  • All previous changes and fixes after Beta 1.

Prism-v1.0.0-Beta-1-29 is an intermediate build as we work towards beta 2.

  • Fixed critical NPE when players placed cocoa plants
  • Corrected issues with waterflow over the same area not tracking
  • Corrected issues with water breaks not recording some items too close together
  • Some unimportant errors changed to debug mode only so they don't worry players
  • Adding command aliases: lookup/l, page/pg, wand/w, ?/help, etc.
  • Attempt to create the mysql database if it does not exist and mysql user has sufficient perms

Prism-v1.0.0-Beta-1-22 is an intermediate build as we work towards beta 2.

  • Fixed a critical block action bug where blocks showed as "something"
  • Data record async improvements.

1.0.0 Beta 1-20 is an intermediate build as we work towards beta 2.

  • Fixed "prism.time-since" error shows every command
  • Fixed monster spawners not tracking type correctly
  • Queries expire sooner, but are renewed with each re-access.
  • Multiple internal sections of code cleaned up
  • Merged "spawner/skull break/place" actions into block_break
  • Properly disabling plugin on failure to connect to mysql
  • Properly restoring enchantments on a:remove rollbacks
  • Attempting to fix NPE caused by other plugins using custom entities to explode