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Supported Bukkit Versions

  • CB 1.4.7-R0.1


Prism-v1.0.0-Beta2-17 is an intermediate build as we work towards RC

  • Added support for tracking, rolling back and restoring world edits.
  • Added experimental support for sqlite (essentially no-install,no-config) databases (for users who do not wish to use mysql)
  • Added player chat logging (disabled by default)
  • Multiple minor NPE bug fixes


  • All previous changes and fixes after Beta 1.

Prism-v1.0.0-Beta-1-29 is an intermediate build as we work towards beta 2.

  • Fixed critical NPE when players placed cocoa plants
  • Corrected issues with waterflow over the same area not tracking
  • Corrected issues with water breaks not recording some items too close together
  • Some unimportant errors changed to debug mode only so they don't worry players
  • Adding command aliases: lookup/l, page/pg, wand/w, ?/help, etc.
  • Attempt to create the mysql database if it does not exist and mysql user has sufficient perms

Prism-v1.0.0-Beta-1-22 is an intermediate build as we work towards beta 2.

  • Fixed a critical block action bug where blocks showed as "something"
  • Data record async improvements.

1.0.0 Beta 1-20 is an intermediate build as we work towards beta 2.

  • Fixed "prism.time-since" error shows every command
  • Fixed monster spawners not tracking type correctly
  • Queries expire sooner, but are renewed with each re-access.
  • Multiple internal sections of code cleaned up
  • Merged "spawner/skull break/place" actions into block_break
  • Properly disabling plugin on failure to connect to mysql
  • Properly restoring enchantments on a:remove rollbacks
  • Attempting to fix NPE caused by other plugins using custom entities to explode