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Have you always dreamed of having paintball on your minecraft server? well, then you have found the right place. PrimeBall offers you an advanced paintball system with many different features. This plugin is not like most other paintball plugins, PrimeBall is more advanced and easier to use. Prime Ball uses Magma cream which have colors to get the best experience as possible. Everything is 100% coded by me and tested on my private server. Don't hesitate to contact me if something is not working as it should.

If you want further information about the plugin, don't hesitate to visit out wiki PrimeBall wiki - Wiki


  • Create your own map
  • Simple commands
  • Permissions
  • Scoreboard
  • Lobby signs
  • Stats
  • Spectate a game
  • Forcestart a game (Only for Admins/Operators)
  • Different Classes/Kits
  • Set the spawn for blue and red team
  • Signs
Create your own map

Do you want a map with barriers and protection from balls? Well, with PrimeBall, you can easily build your own courses with obstacles and retention walls etc.. it's very easy to make an arena and you can make how many you want! In this way you can customize the PrimeBall to your needs.

Simple commands

There is many plugins out there that has more harder commands and maybe hard to understand, but with this plugin you will understand everything and even remember them in your head. It's easy to make an arena, It's easy to join a game, it's easy to use any command! For those of you who need an advanced plugin but with simple commands, well, your are right! You will understand every little command and text.


For those of you who are looking for a paintball plugin with scoreboard stats, then you've found the right plugin! PrimeBall offers you the scoreboard on the side of minecraft where you can see your kills etc. This will help you incredibly much when you want to know who leads etc. Scoreboard is very helpful, trust me.

Signs/Lobby Signs

For those of you who find it difficult and tedious to constantly write when you want to join a game, I've done so you can join through signs! It's very easy, just setup a lobby and the signs, then you can right click and then you are in the game! Much easier and funnier. What you are going to write on the sign will come up once I have released the plugin!


With this awesome function are you able to spectate games and players. They can't see you, but you can see them, once you spectates, you will have fly enabled, it activates fly automatically! Spectate is very easy to use and it's funny to see all players running on the map.


With kits and classes can you start the game with various items and benefits. For those of you who want to, you can do so players can buy kits! Not that much but very funny to use and mostly easy to use.


You can easily make red and blue spawn for the map with the easy commands. Everywhere on the entire track, you can set spawns for the Red and Blue Team. Remember that you can only set 1 spawn each team!

We will add more features in the future to get the best PaintBall plugin out there.


The commands aren't done yet. I'm working on it. But, the main command is: /PrimeBall

Then I will see.


The permissions nodes aren't done yet either. Working on it too.


Bug fixes Commands Permissions Join, Create and delete functions


I will update the plugin after every realased Minecraft build. At the time, I'm making the plugin compatible with CB 1.6.2. The builds may not realease directly after a new Minecraft build, keep that in mind!

Thanks for reading about my plugin. Stay tuned my friends.


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