Use the pray, bless and curse commands to issue prayer requests to the gods for special abilities and powers.


  • Player may pray to request flight, lightning smite, health, storms, food, minions, allies, shelter, "theforce" and much more.
  • Player may also bless or curse other players.
  • Player's XP level determines prayer quota and odds.
  • Punishment will be issued by the gods for excessive prayer attempts.
  • Prayer quota will reset after granted prayer, punishment, death or after player sleeps.
  • Player must hold a holy book to perform prayer (configurable).
  • Player may use Prayer Altars to improve chances of prayer grant. Praying near Villagers or holding a Wither skull also help odds.
  • Unanswered prayers may randomly yield small amounts of XP points.
  • Supports permissions and configurable settings such as cooldowns, grant durations, world restrictions, and more.

Pray and Bless Options

To pray: /pray [option]

To bless: /bless [option] [player]

airGrants underwater breathing.
allySends down a guardian Iron Golem.
clearskyStops a storm.
cropsAccelerates growth of nearby crops.
dayResets the day to morning.
firehandIgnites a mob when struck by player.
flightProvides the ability of flight.
foodRestores your hunger meter.
giantSends down a mighty giant. (Creative Only)
healthRestores your health.
helpProvides info on using the /pray or /curse commands.
homeSends player to their current spawn location.
infoOutputs your current prayer quota.
invisibilityActivates the Invisibility enchantment.
jumpProvides enhanced jumping.
lightningStrikes lightning wherever your crosshair is pointing.
minionsSends down a pack of tamed wolves or cats.
nightvisionActivates the Night Vision enchantment.
opSmites any user who dare pray for such power.
shelterBuilds basic shelter around a player. Design is biome specific.
speedProvides enhanced running.
stormCreates a storm occasionally dropping fish.
strengthProvides enhanced offensive and defensive strength.
theforceBreaks blocks at your target and thrusts any nearby mobs away.

Curse Options

To curse: /curse [option] [player]

fireSets the recipient on fire.
floodCreates a flood around the target player.
foesSends the recipient a set of monsters.
healthLowers the recipient's health meter.
hungerLowers the recipient's hunger meter.
smiteSmites the recipient with lightning.
watersTurns the waters near a player to fire or other material.

Basic Altar

Nether Altar

End Altar

Prayer Altars | Configs | Permissions | Change Log | Media

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