Prank OP

L.A.S IS HEREEEEEEEE .....with 800 downloads :)



Thank You Soooo Much For 93 download Guys.


IMPORTANT NOTICE :- The plugin is tested and works with spigot 1.12


What Does It Do?

It Adds Two Commands For You To Play With and prank the hell out of anyone. If You Like this plugin  join the support and gaming lounge  The Pixel Discord



There are two commands 

/fakeop playername                            =               it sends a messsege to the player that you have been opped its looks real and is exact same as when u op someone from console you can try it on yourself


/fakejoin name                                    =                   it   broadcasts a messege to everyone thats the name which you have specified in /fakejoin name  has joined the server and it looks real



1.) Goto Your Server Directory

2.) Goto Plugins Folder

3.) Add Prankv1.0.jar there

4.) Restart / Reload Server




You Can Give This Permission to your V.I.P. or MVP   to play with it




it is already set to work with ops without permission



If You Need Any Kind Of Support Please Fell Free to Contact me on discord   also if u like my plugin    and want  any support on it join my discord channel Please comment down your suggestions too    and this plugin has been tested on 1.12 bukkit


My Thoughts:-

I dont know if this plugin will ever be famous but If you guys make this plugin famous i assure you i will update it and a whole bunch of new things to it... Also This is my first plugin please dont hate me or put bad comments on it . I really worked so hard trying to fix many things :D



Please Comment Down Your Ideas So I May Know What Ideas You GUYS Have And what you want~~ Just Please. :) 


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