Allias: [/pt, /powertool, /tool]


Types info spoiler

Types are the trigger you activate. For example: If you right click the trigger will be "RIGHT CLICK"

The trigger list is:

- right_click 

- shift_right_click 

- left_click

- shift_left_click

Command List:

  • /pt [type] [text] (To set only 1 line)      Example: /pt right_click cmd:/hey
  • /pt add [type] [text] (To add multiple line in the database)        Example:/pt add left_click text:hey
  • /pt clear [type] (To clear current data)         Example: /pt clear shift_right_click
  • /pt reset (To reset the player database file)        Example: /pt reset
  • /pt reload (To reload the plugin)           Example: /pt reload
  • /pt checkupdates (To check if there are updates)            Example: /pt checkupdates

Permissions List:

  • powertoolplus.command (To do the main command)
  • powertoolplus.command.reload
  • powertoolplus.command.clear
  • powertoolplus.command.add
  • powertoolplus.command.reset
  • powertoolplus.command.checkupdates
  • powertoolplus.update.checker