Redstone allows you to make several basic things, such as traps, puzzles, locks, and even (if you're dedicated) simple CPUs . But redstone can't do much more than turning things on and off, until now! PowerSigns gives signs the ability to push and pull blocks, transfer blocks and items into and out of chests, fling players and other entities, launch TNT like a cannon, and much more!

Available Power Signs

  • push: push an adjacent row of blocks away
  • pull: pull a row of blocks towards the sign
  • activate: attempt to activate a single PowerSign or a row of PowerSigns
  • activatelong: activates a single PowerSign from a distance
  • activateif: activate a PowerSign if a specific condition is met
  • cannon: launch a TNT, sand or gravel block stored in an adjacent dispenser with a specific angle and power
  • line: manipulate lines of text on a sign
  • invpush and invpull: push and pull blocks to/from a chest or dispenser
  • invdrop and invsuck: drop and suck items into/out of a chest or dispenser
  • take and give: transfer items between player/storage minecart and an inventory block
  • invcount: count the number of items in an inventory block
  • fling: launch entities into the air
  • toggle: toggle the state of a lever or repeater
  • detect: report the material name and id of a block
  • dataget and dataset: alter the data of a block
  • math: perform mathematical operations
  • money: take/give money to players
  • gate: simple redstone logic gates

For more details and information, please see the documentation.


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