PowerRanks is a plugin that adds ranks to your server.

For every rank, you can set a prefix so other players can see what rank you have.
You can also set the ChatColor and NameColor for every rank.
Questions? Read the FAQ first before asking it!


It is:

  • Fast - PowerRanks is optimized for speed, the changes you make can be seen directly.
  • Easy to use - Permissions can be set up using commands or in the configuration files.
  • Changeable - There are numerous customization options available that can be changed to suit your server.
  • Free - available for download and usage at no cost.


The standard ranks in the plugin are: Member, Moderator, Admin, and Owner. And these can be changed/deleted to your liking.
The plugin can handle unlimited ranks.

PowerRanks has an auto-updater for the plugin, by default it only checks for an update. Optionally automatic update downloading can be enabled. The configuration files can also be updated directly. See 'config.yml' for more info. 


PowerRanks now has a web editor!
See https://powerrankseditor.svenar.nl/ for more info and installation instructions.


PowerRanks now has a Discord server for support.

This way support will be quicker.



  1. Download the .jar
  2. Drag and drop the .jar in your plugins folder of your server
  3. Restart/Reload your server.



All commands are available on https://svenar.nl/powerranks/#information


How to use signs?
On the first line of the sign write "[PowerRanks]"
On the second line of the sign write the command.
On the third line of the sign can the rank name be placed.

Available commands: promote, demote, check, set, gui, rankup.
The commands: promote, demote, check, gui do not require a rank name on the third line.
The command: set does require a rank name on the third line.

Q The permission(s) I just added do not work!
A Make sure to do /pr reload to apply the changes.


Q I made a change to Ranks.yml and now PowerRanks does not start.
A Since Ranks.yml is a YAML configuration, spaces and the general layout of the file is important, what you could do is paste your config in http://www.yamllint.com to see if you have errors, any errors are highlighted there.


Q I updated PowerRanks to a newer version and now I get a warning message in the console complaining about a version mismatch
A This is normal because a configuration file (like: config.yml, Ranks.yml and Players.yml) Can have changes in different version. The best solution right now is to create a backup of the PowerRanks directory and let PowerRanks create a new one, then adding your necessary changes back.


Q How do I add permissions?
A Permission can be added to a rank in two ways:
     1. Inside the Ranks.yml file under the permissions tag inside the rank you want to edit. Basic YAML knowledge is required here.
     2. Using the /pr addperm <rankname> <permission> and /pr delperm <rankname> <permission> commands. This is the easiest way.


Q How can I add a new rank?
A Ranks can be added in two ways:
     1. Inside the Ranks.yml copy a existing rank and paste it again, the you can change the new rank. Basic YAML knowledge is required here.
     2. Using the /pr createrank <rankname> and /pr deleterank <rankname> commands. This is the easiest way.


Q I cannot change the player rank (/pr set <playername> <rankname>) it says that the rank is not found.
A Make sure that the rank you're trying to apply exists and that you made no spelling mistake, rank names are case-sensitive!


Q How do I know what permission I need to use for a specific command?
A Go to the plugin-page of that command, there should be a list of permissions for each command.


The comments section has been disabled in favor of Discord to ensure the best and fastest support.

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