Random Things #37

  • opsylon23452 created this issue Mar 23, 2019

    what is an inheritance? i have not been able to figure this out, and i think i have an idea what they are, but i am not sure.


    could you make this plugin work with other plugins that would normally make both not work?


    could you add the ability to have multiple ranks per 1 player?(useful for tags)

  • poofportal posted a comment May 4, 2019

    Inheritance is where they inherit the permissions from another rank. So you could make it so VIP inherits permissions from Member so you don't have to paste in the Member's permissions into VIP's.


    * What do you mean make the plugin work with other plugins that would normally not make both work?


    * For now you can create another rank with the prefix you want. Example: "[&bTagOrSomething&r] [&5Rank&r]". You might need to use a separate tag plugin if you don't want to deal with all of that trouble.

  • opsylon23452 posted a comment May 9, 2019

    that is what i mean.  any other plugin that modifies the chat interferes with this plugin and breaks the chat modifications.  for example:

    essencials chat


    when i have just powerranks, it is fine.  when i have both, there is NO modification.

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