I really need help. Please. #23

  • TimppaliR6 created this issue Apr 4, 2018

    I am new to coding or anything simply computer-based related but I really want to make my own Minecraft Server.

    I put myself as Owner (The last rank on the list on the Rank.yml file) and when I add another rank above VIP, it gets rid of my Owner prefix and (I assume) also gets rid of my Owner perms. I think there is a limit to 5 ranks which really sucks because I want more. Please help I'm bad at this stuff, I can send a video of what happens if you want too :(

  • TimppaliR6 posted a comment Apr 4, 2018

    Now I've tried to add other plugins (Like SpawnX) and when I added it my prefix stopped working, then I got rid of SpawnX and they're broken.

    I'm very stupid please help or suggest some sort of all-in-one plugin :(

  • TimppaliR6 edited title Apr 4, 2018
  • CatM0de posted a comment May 20, 2018

    There's not a 5-rank limit. Just copy-paste the starter rank info for each, then modify the name, color, permissions, etc. It's not too bad to set it up, just make sure your permissions are set up correctly (minecraft.command.me instead of /me for instance).


    Hope this helps! I have my own issues with this plugin but I doubt very much it will be updated so I'll be working around it if possible.

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