How to edit MobSpawners


This action is very dangerous.
Make sure that you have a backup
and remember x:y:z coordinates and world of mobspawner.
If an error occurs you will not be able to join the server
If this happened, see the instructions below

Edit parameters

  1. type command:
    /nbt %b select
    Select a block by right-click:
    [PowerNBT] block MOB_SPAWNER at [location] selected as b
  2. Change entity type:
    /nbt %b EntityId = "Spider"
    see http://www.minecraftwiki.net/wiki/Chunk_format for entity types
  3. Change delay:
    /nbt %b MinSpawnDelay = 20 (20 ticks = 1 sec)
    /nbt %b MaxSpawnDelay = 40
  4. Change spawn range:
    /nbt %b SpawnRange = 5 (5 blocks)
    The spawn area is square, includes the block the spawner is in, and is centred around the spawner's x,z coordinates - not the spawner itself

All tags: http://www.minecraftwiki.net/wiki/Chunk_format

Customize parameters

For 1.4.6 and later

  1. Select new compound as variable t:
    /nbt %t select compound
    >> [PowerNBT] selected as t
  2. (Required!) Set values:
    /nbt %t Weight = 5 int
    >> [PowerNBT] new value set: int : 5
    where 5 = chance that this spawn will be picked as compared to other spawn weights
    /nbt %t Type = "Skeleton"
    >> [PowerNBT] new value set: string : Skeleton
  3. (Optional) Edit properties of mob:
    First, you need to prepare the entity tag (see below)
    Next, type:
    /nbt %t Properties = buffer
  4. Append tag %t to spawner:
    /nbt %b SpawnPotentials[] = %t
    >>[PowerNBT] new value set: compound : 3 elements
  5. Now you can repeat this for other entity types

Prepare the entity tag

  • Clear the buffer:
    /nbt compound copy
  • Now edit buffer as if you edit the entity,
    but you need to specify the types of values
    /nbt buffer Health = 100 short
    /nbt buffer CanPickUpLoot = 1 byte
    See http://www.minecraftwiki.net/wiki/Chunk_format#Mobs
    If you will change the mob equipment , you need to create all 5 tags:
    /nbt buffer Equipment[4] = compound
    it will create all tags Equipment[0] ... Equipment[4]
    Then you can edit any of these tags:
    /nbt buffer Equipment[0] = inv [0](item in your first slot)
    If it will be less than 5 items, there will crash! (Thanks @My_Name_Was_Stolen for testing)

Video example


Embed Removed: https://www.youtube.com/v/00fgIpox5vM?fs=1

1.5 and later

Embed Removed: https://www.youtube.com/v/pyBP-vNjk3c?fs=1 Embed Removed: https://www.youtube.com/v/fJAe6Dg1kGE?fs=1

How to recover spawner

Method 1:
Restore the backup file. (tritely)

Method 2:
Remove spawner block with MCEdit

Method 3 (without restarting the server):
make sure that you know the coordinates of the spawner by console command /nbt x:y:z:world
where x,y,z - coordinates and world - world name
You must see the spawner tags.
Next commands that should help you:
/nbt x:y:z:world remove (reset tags to default)
/nbt x:y:z:world RequiredPlayerRange = 0 short (do not spawn anything)
/nbt x:y:z:world EntityId = "Cow" (set any other existing mob)

Method 4 (without restarting the server if you has not coordinates):
it is assumed that you have a WorldEdit
1) Make backup of your player.dat file
2) Set the view distance: tiny (in game potions)
3) Move your spawn location away from the block
You can edit your offline position from console:
/nbt @Player Pos[0] = X
/nbt @Player Pos[1] = Y
/nbt @Player Pos[2] = Z
or just login with other name ;)
4) Join the game
5) Select the area with a wand, which will be spawner, but do not go near them!
6) //replace 52 air

If none of the methods did not help, please let me know (in comments, PM or email)
do not forget to attach a log file (all executed commands)


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