• How would I give weapons a custom name?
    • /nbt item display.Name = "new name"
      /nbt item display.Lore[0] = "second line"
      /nbt item display.Lore[1] = "third line"
  • How to spawn a dragon in mobspawner?
    • no way
  • How to edit equipment of mobs?
    • Take items into your 0-4 slots and type:
      /nbt * Equipment = me Inventory
      then select a mob by right-click
      Items must me in order: hand,feet,chest,legs,head
  • How to write 'ยง' (coloring char)?
    • Use \u00A7 or \c or &. This works only in quotes.
      Example: /nbt item display.Name = "\u00A7cRed \c2Green &kMagic"
      See Formatting codes
  • How to write '&' as it is?
    • Just escape: "\&"
      Yes, this is non-standard escape sequences
  • Error: "can not parse object of type end"
    • it means that you need to specify data type. see commands
  • query is too long to fit on the screen
    • use variables and buffer. For example:
      /nbt item query1.query2.query3.query4.query5.query6.query7 = block queryA.queryB.queryC.queryD.queryE
      replaces to
      /nbt block queryA.queryB.queryC.queryD.queryE copy
      /nbt item query1.query2.query3.query4.query5.query6.query7 = buffer
      /nbt item query1.query2.query3.query4.query5 as %foo
      /nbt block queryA.queryB.queryC.queryD.queryE as %bar
      /nbt %foo query6.query7 = %bar
      You can use variables with items only for one time!
      After first editing ItemStack has a copy that not updated in inventory
      i.e. next command /nbt %foo query = value has no effect.
  • client crashes after editing a tag
    • never edit this tag! xD
  • server crashes after editing a tag
    • please let me know about that


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