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From the numerous user-oriented anti-griefing systems, there is usually one which comes out first, Precious Stones. The first alternative to this was a custom plugin from LegendaryCraft, which introduced potions as a way for users to create protected zones. I've released it following this plugin request : http://forums.bukkit.org/conversations/potion-protection.35987/. As the plugin was a high demand, I decided to fully release and support it.


PotionProtect is an easy-to-use griefing protection plugin. It allows your users to create protected zones for them and selected friends by throwing potions where they want to protect. It also allows administrators to choose the potion size for three different potion IDs, which are 373:16390, 373:16398 and 373:16427. It is also compatible with WorldGuard, to the limited extent where it will not interfere with WorldGuard zones.

This plugin requires Translate.(Not no more since Bukkit 1.4.5)


  • /pot1, /pot2, /pot3 : Gives you a stack of that potion type, by default needs OP.
  • /prot addfriend [player name] : Adds the target player as a friend to the protected zone you're standing on. Alias : /prot add
  • /prot deletefriend [player name] : Removes the target player from the protected zone you're standing on. Alias : /prot del
  • /prot remove [id]: Deletes the protection you're standing on or, if specified, the protection id.
  • /prot info : Gives informations on the zone you're standing on.
  • /prot list : Lists all currently owned zones.
  • /prot tp [relative zone id] : Teleports you to the zone ID.


  • pot 1 size: Sets the protection size for potion 373:16390.
  • pot 2 size: Sets the protection size for potion 373:16398.
  • pot 3 size: Sets the protection size for potion 373:16427.
  • wall block ID: 85 - The type of block when you create a protection(85 = fence)
  • use fences: Toggles whether fences are spawned on zone creation.
  • remove fences: Toggles whether fences are removed upon zone deletion.
  • use walls: true - Toggle walls appearing when creating the protection


  • potionprotect.pot1 : Allows usage of potion size 1.
  • potionprotect.pot2 : Allows usage of potion size 2.
  • potionprotect.pot3 : Allows usage of potion size 3.
  • potionprotect.amount.1 - Can create only 1 of these protections
  • potionprotect.amount.2 - Can create up to 2 protections using either potion.
  • potionprotect.amount.3 - Can create up to 3 protections using either potion.
  • potionprotect.amount.unlimited - Can create any number of protections.
  • potionprotect.teleport - Can teleport to owned zones.
  • potionprotect.spawnpotions - Allows usage of /pot1, /pot2 and /pot3
  • potionprotect.admin - Overrides any protections (Like OP).

WorldGuard support

See the WorldGuard compatibility page.


I removed the comments from the project page. Comments were hard to keep track of and I tended to forget them. All issues and feature requests must now be posted as tickets.

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