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Ever wanted to apply a potion that you can’t brew? Forgot a brewing recipe? Not a problem! With PotionCommands, just type a command, and apply almost any potion effect to anyone!

Important notice regarding issues, feature requests

Please submit bugs, feature requests etc to this page:



/potion [user] <effect> [duration] [amplifier]: Applies potion effect to player.

  • <user>: Choose who to apply the effect to
  • <effect>: Choose from one of the potion effects below
  • [duration]: Choose how long the effect will last (in ticks). If you don’t specify a value, it will use the config file values (also in ticks)
  • [amplifier]: Allows you to adjust the strength of each effect, both positive and negative (e.g. negative fastdig = slowdig)

/potion effects: Lists all potion effects.

  • Requires PotionCommands.effects

/rpotion <effect> <user>: Removes effect from specified user.

  • Very little error checking yet, you must supply the user (it won't yet use the command sender)
  • Requires PotionCommands.remove — need to add per-effect permissions to this one

/particle <player> <hexcolor> <duration ticks (seconds / 20)>: Adds particle effects to player without adding a potion effect.

  • Advanced users only
  • Example — /particle lol768 #ffff00 100 (applies yellow bubbles to player lol768 for 5 seconds
  • Requires PotionCommands.particle

Potion Effects:

Potion EffectAcceptable NamesPermission Node
BlindnessBlindness, blindPotionCommands.effect.blindness
ConfusionConfusion, confuse, nauseaPotionCommands.effect.confusion
Damage ResistanceDmgresist, drPotionCommands.effect.damageresistance
HasteHaste, fastdig, digspeed, digPotionCommands.effect.haste
Fire ResistanceFireresistance, frPotionCommands.effect.fireresistance
HarmHarm, harmingPotionCommands.effect.harming
HealHeal, healingPotionCommands.effect.healing
Jump BoostJumpboost, highjump, jumpPotionCommands.effect.jumpboost
RegenerationRegeneration, regenPotionCommands.effect.regeneration
SlownessSlowness, slowPotionCommands.effect.slowness
SwiftnessSwiftness, swift, speedPotionCommands.effect.swiftness
Increase DamageStrength, strongPotionCommands.effect.strength
Water BreathingWaterbreathing, breathing, wbPotionCommands.effect.waterbreathing
WeaknessWeakness, weakPotionCommands.effect.weakness

Other Effects:

These are cool “effects” that I found while experimenting.

Other EffectAcceptable NamesPermission Node
ScareFreakout, scarePotionCommands.effect.scare

Note on permissions: Users MUST have PotionCommands.use to be able to use ANY of the effects. You must give them PotionCommands.use in addition to the per-effect nodes.

To Do:

  • Add a maximum duration to avoid errors
  • Add per-effect permissions Completed as of v1.1


  • Please note that durations aren’t perfect. You may be limited by the maximum amount of time that the game allows you to have the potion effect
  • Harming and healing: These are currently instant kill and full heal, respectively, due to the input of seconds, not ticks. I am trying to fix this.
  • Please report any and all bugs you may find!*

Special Thanks:

Special thanks to [email protected] for creating the logo and banner!

Source and dev builds

Source code is available here: https://github.com/np98765/PotionCommands/


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