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PotionProtect allows you to protect a region of land. This Bukkit Plugin has full WorldGuard support. It protects the region from top to bottom (Sky to Bedrock).

WorldGuard Features

- Regions are protected with WorldGuard

- Easier and Stable

- Flag Support

- Easier Admin/Moderator Control.

Potion Sizes

+ 16x16

+ 32x32

+ 64x64

+ 128x128

+ 256x256

+ 512x512

Permissions Nodes

potionprotect.admin - Bypasses for Server Admin's

potionprotect.flag - Allows for the setup of Flags

potionprotect.create.vip - Check Config

potionprotect.create.staff - Check Config

potionprotect.create.unlimited - Check Config

potionprotect.create - Allows creation of Protected Regions


/protect - Displays all options

/protect flag - Displays flag options

/protect flag {flag} {x} - Create a Flag

/protect friend add {Username} - Adds Friend/User to a Region

/protect friend remove {Username} - Removes Friend/User from a Region

/protect owner add {Username} - Adds Owner/User to a Region

/protect owner remove {Username} - Removes Friend/User from a Region

/protect delete - Delete's a protection from the WorldGuard Database

/protect list - List's your protections

/protect info - List's the Plot's Information

More Details Coming Soon!


This requires WorldGuard API's and updates may be slow for the 1.3 update.


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