Water blocking the gate #8

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  • _ForgeUser6861204 created this issue Sep 23, 2012

    Hey, would it be possible to let a portcullis move through water?
    In my world, I want a portcullis to raise up out of the water, but the water seems to be blocking it.

    Regards, Pim

  • _ForgeUser6861204 added the tags New Enhancment Sep 23, 2012
  • _ForgeUser6837588 posted a comment Sep 24, 2012

    As you can see under "hints and tips" on the main page, water does not block the gate! It's always possible that there is a bug of course, but first I would double check whether there is not another reason why the portcullis won't move.

    Try removing the water above it (by building a temporary dirt dam on each side of it, filling the space above the portcullis and between the dams with dirt, and removing the dirt above the portcullis again) to see if it will move then. If not then you need to fix something. Make sure it is being powered correctly (through a block on the side, with the redstone touching the power block on the side as well, with no accidental redstone connections elsewhere).

    If you can't figure out why the portcullis won't move, send me the map so I can look into it. Just zip up the entire map directory, upload it to a file sharing site and send me the link (in a private message if you want). Don't forget to tell me the coordinates of the gate.

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