Kitteh Portals

Server Portals

Teleport between servers with custom shaped portals!


Currently, this plugin only functions as a method of teleportation between servers on BungeeCord. Thus, BungeeCord is required for use. In the future, I may add support for teleporting within the same server.


An example configuration of a single portal in portals.yml, complete with description of the settings, can be found here. This example configuration is also created on first startup (or any startup where you have deleted portals.yml).

The file config.yml has a single value: meow
The meow value determines if your startup log will have adorable cats. Set to false to disable.


portals.reload - Lets you reload the config.

By default, the permission portals.everyone is granted to all users. You can define this as the node for a portal to allow any player to use it.

Otherwise, you can use ANY permission node in defining a portal that you want. If the node isn't defined by another plugin it will be established by this plugin to be by default ops only.


/portals reload
Reload all portals.


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