Latest Version: 1.0
Released: 11/2/13

IMPORTANT: Due to a bug in 1.4.7-R1.0, this plugin requires 1.4.7-R1.1 dev build #2630.

PortalLink allows Nether portals in custom worlds (i.e. not declared in server.properties) to takes you between them and their respective "_nether" worlds, making multiple worlds even easier for players to use. You can also add custom links between certain worlds. These two worlds do not have to be a Nether and a normal world - you could link two Nether worlds, or two normal worlds - and the block ratio is correctly calculated for this situation! You can also disable the nether for specific worlds - e.g. if you have a creative world, you can stop players using Nether portals in it.


  • Fixes nether portal linking for multiple worlds
  • Allows custom links to be declared between worlds, be it between a Nether and a normal world or the same type!
  • All worlds referenced in custom links are loaded/created at startup to reduce the delay for players
  • All worlds referenced when using the /pl link command will be loaded/created straight away
  • Allows user-defined worlds to have no Nether
  • Includes in-game commands for creating, removing and reloading links

Source Code (GitHub)

Development Builds (Jenkins)

Development builds of this project can be acquired at the provided continuous integration server. These builds have not been approved by the BukkitDev staff. Use them at your own risk.


  • /pl link [-b] [-WhichNether] <World> <OtherWorld> - Defines a new PortalLink. "b" sets the link to work both ways. WhichNether is 0 by default - add 1 if World is a Nether world and 2 if OtherWorld is a Nether world (or 3 for both). If you do not, things may BREAK. You can use "\" to escape spaces.
  • /pl unlink <World> <OtherWorld> - Removes a PortalLink. You can use "\" to escape spaces. If OtherWorld is blank, all links for World will be removed. Removed links are commented out in links.properties.
  • /pl reload - Reloads PortalLinks from links.properties.

(When adding a link it is automatically saved to links.properties).


  • portallink.* - Gain all permissions
  • portallink.link (defaults to op) - Allows a user to use the /pl link command
  • portallink.unlink (defaults to op) - Allows a user to use the /pl unlink command
  • portallink.reload (defaults to op) - Allows a user to use the /pl reload command
  • portallink.notify (defaults to op) - Allows a user to be notified on new versions and whenever someone performs a reload


PortalLink uses two files for configuration. The first is links.properties, and is used to define where each world's nether portals should take you (if anywhere), and the second is config.yml, which contains general plugin settings.

General Settings (config.yml)

  • deny-entity-portal (defaults to true) - Allows you to disable entities travelling through portals. This is currently recommended, as Bukkit does not currently allow a plugin to distinguish between Nether and End portals for entities, so otherwise entities could go to the wrong worlds.
  • check-updates (defaults to true) - Whether PortalLink should periodically check for updated versions.

Disabling The Nether For Specific Worlds

Make sure allow-nether is set to true in server.properties, and then for every world that you want to have the Nether disabled for, add a link to nothing (some-world=) in PortalLink's links.properties file.


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