Portal Gun - v3.0.1


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    Feb 26, 2015
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Supported Bukkit Versions

  • 1.8


  • v3.0.1
    • Fixed a small NullPointerException. (Thanks GravityCube for reporting it!)
    • Fixed some vectors not working properly.
    • Fixed portals able to override others.

  • v3.0.0 (BIG UPDATE, Compatible with: MC 1.8)
    • 60% of the plugin recoded for better performance.
    • World Blacklist to disable plugin on certain worlds (can't create Portals, prevent fall damage with Anti-Gravity Boots...)
    • Added Portal Duration: portals will automatically close after a set time in config.
    • Added Single Portal Usage: portals will cutomatically close after first teleportation.

  • v2.0.0
    • (OPTIONAL)The PortalGun item has limited usages(custom amount), the durability bar shows a % of remaining usages as the Anti Gravity Boots.
      • Both the PortalGun and Anti Gravity Boots can have infinite usages.
    • The PortalGun ignores water (treated as air) while generating portals.

  • v1.9.0
    • Portals Blocks are INMUNE to:
      • TNT explosions.
      • Pistons.
    • Player Portals are closed on death (OPTIONAL).
    • Added more sounds, also ALL are customizable in config now!
    • Added custom recipes to create PortalGun items (OPTIONAL): disabled = can't be crafted.

  • v1.8.0
    • Plugin updated to 1.6.4-R2-0, should also work in 1.7.*
    • Portals are now removed if player is kicked.
    • Added command to remove ALL open portals or only from desired player.

  • v1.7.0
    • Fixed: WorldGuard/WorldEdit Hook is now optional and will NOT throw erros if you don't have them installed and hook disabled in config.
    • Permission Changes: permissions have been changed for better administration/usage.
    • Changed some commands to give PortalGun Items to other players too.
    • "The Cube" is now customizable with Name and Lore as the other items.

  • v1.6.3
    • WorldGuard regions support added, you can define a black list of regions to prevent players from using the PortalGun.

  • v1.6.2
    • FIX: sometimes when teleporting through a red portal in the ceiling entities get teleported to end instead of the blue portal.

  • v1.6.1
    • End Portal Blocks are only created if BOTH portals (blue and red) are placed.

  • v1.6.0
    • Entities with more than 1 block high are now capable to enter portals on ceilings.
    • AutoDetect portal creation point depending on the target zone not only in the zone space and player direction.
    • "The Cube" is now capable to continue redstone current as other blocks:
      • Repeaters can use them to continue the current flow.
      • Redstone Torches can use them to continue the current flow.
      • Any other basic blocks mechanics with redstone should work fine with them.

  • v1.5.0
    • Portals are now compatible with any entity, that means mobs, players, dropped items...WHATEVER.
    • Added special (The Cube) configurable and movable block (id and data) that can be pushed with righclick with enpty hands, the movement vectors are also costumizable so you can make the block fly at 999 km/h or just move 1 block in the player's direction.
    • Players can only close portals IF they have the Portal Gun in their hands.
    • Auto-Close portals when the owner leaves the server.

  • v1.4.0
    • Change the player velocity (vector) when coming out of a portal depending on the velocity of the player when entering the other portal.
    • Time between teleports for the same pair of portals is customizable.
    • Some of the parameters for vectors are now customizable.

  • v1.3.1
    • Fixed: as i did with the down and up portals, you can't place horizontal portals over an existing one.
    • Fixed: old portal is not removed if the generation of the new one is invalid.

  • v1.3.0
    • Added German as supported language (Thanks Vexatos!)
    • Fixed some misspelled words in lang files (ye i'm not perfect XD)
    • Fixed bug that occurs when a player closes both portals when teleporting: end portal it's no more created.
    • Fixed: when teleporting downwards from a portal you're teleported 2 blocks below to prevent suffocation damage.
    • "Anti-Gravit Boots" added, you can get the item like the PortalGun but with "/pg boots"
      • You can customize amount of uses.
      • Durability means amount of uses left.
      • Anti-Gravity Boots don't get damage from any other damage source, will only consume 1 use per fall (which would cause damage to player)

  • v1.2.0
    • You can now choose with blocks (id and data) are capable (or not) to lodge a portal.
    • Replaced block data is now also saved, that means you can use the portals over wool, steps etc (blocks with data values like 35:5) without problems.
    • Portals fits better now in low space walls/floors/roofs.
    • Fixed: you can't place floor/roof portals over existing ones.

  • v1.0.0
    • All features named in the main page!
  • None!