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< . . . Description . . . >

Did you ever played Portal?, did you ever played a Minecraft MOD of Portal? Well... HERE'S THE MOST UPDATED BUKKIT PLUGIN CAPABLE TO REPRODUCE THE ORIGINAL PORTAL GUN!

Teleport players, mobs, minecrafts... ANY ENTITY!

Get the Anti-Gravity Boots to prevent fall damage!

All is ridiculously customizable! Vectors, cooldowns, usages...

It's time to make your own Apperture Science Lab!, make tests! Turn players into your laboratory rat! Enjoy!

< . . . Current Features . . . >

  • Portal Gun:
    • You can name the Portal Gun (item) in the config with colors, write a description etc.
    • You can set a max range to create portals.
    • You can set a CoolDown between each portal creation.
    • You can set a limited amount of usages (shown in the item durability) or infinite.
    • Portal Creation / Removal:
      • The Portal Gun can create both portals, blue and red just with left click and right click.
      • You can remove both portals by just pressing the Sneak Key.

  • Portals:
    • Both portals are connected (like the original game), and players can teleport from blue to red or viceversa.
    • You can customize Name/Lore for the item.
    • Various players can have the Portal Gun with different connected portals.
    • Any player can use any portal from other player.
    • Portals are capable to teleport any kind of entity: players, mobs, dropped items, falling blocks(sand, grave, anvils or any other falling block modified by another plugin), minecarts...
    • 6 Possible variables: north, south, east, west, up(ceiling), down(floor).
    • You can create infinite loops without a granite of lag.
    • Old blocks (replaced by the portal) are saved, then when the portal is deletes the old blocks are replaced.
    • Portal Blocks are invulnerable to players, pistons and TNT.
    • (OPTIONAL)Auto-Closing Portals, there're a few ways to close player's portals automatically, ALL disabled by default, turn on as many as you wish:
      • Player Death: self explanatory.
      • Single Use: close portals after teleporting, after something(player or entity) gets teleported both portals are closed.
      • Portal Decay: close portals after a set time: once both portals are created you can set a duration in config, when time is up both portals are closed.

  • Anti Bugs:
    • The plugin will remove ALL existing portals on server stop automatically to prevent bugged portals.
    • Portals from owner are also removed when leaving the server.

  • Anti Gravity Boots:
    • Those special boots will prevent any fall damage a custom amount of times (set in the config).
    • You can customize Name/Lore for the item.
    • You can get the boots with a command like the PortalGun.
    • The durability will be the % of uses left, those boots will not get any damage from other sources, will only consume 1 use when preventing fall damage, or also give infinite usages.

  • The Cube:
    • Like in the game, we need some kind of blocks that can be moved easily (and teleported through portals), this block is "The Cube".
    • You can configure ID and Data for this kind of block, and Name/Lore for the Item.
    • You can customize movement vectors of this block, so you can make it just move a block in the player's direction or make it fly to the moon.
    • With all that, you can also use "The Cube" for other games or puzzles.
    • Of course "The Cube" is unbreakable.

  • Sounds:
    • You can customize sounds for all plugin effects/features: PortalGun usage, portal open, portal close, portal teleport...

  • (OPTIONAL, ON BY DEFAULT)Crafting Recipes:
  • (OPTIONAL)WorldGuard Region BlackList:
    • You can deny Portal Gun usage on certain WorldGuard Regions set in config, so player's CAN'T create portals while inside them.

  • (OPTIONAL)World BlackList: You can disable the plugin on certain worlds defined in config, so players in those worlds:
    • Can't open portals with Portal Guns.
    • Can't prevent fall damage with Anti-Gravity Boots.
    • Can't move "The Cube".

< . . . How to Use . . . >

  • Note: portals need x2 blocks deep to be generated (all directions).

  • Configurable parameters are fully explained inside the "config.yml" file., basically, you can:
    • Customize Portal Gun name/description(lore) with colors.
    • Customize cooldown to create portals.
    • Customize max range to create portals.
    • Language (spanish and english are default, you can add your own or just modify the existing files)

  • Plugin showcase! Thanks to the guys who did it!

< . . . Commands & Permissions . . . >

CORE PERMISSIONportalgun.admin<Grants access to all Plugin features/commands>
CORE PERMISSIONportalgun.user<Grants access to all User designed features/commands>
/pg reloadportalgun.admin<Reloads de config.yml>
/pg gun [player]portalgun.admin<Gives the Portal Gun or gets yourself if no player is specified>
/pg boots [player]portalgun.admin<Gives the Gravity Boots or gets yourself if no player is specified>
/pg cube [player]portalgun.admin<Gives The Cube or gets yourself if no player is specified>
/pg clear [player]portalgun.admin<Removes ALL portals in the server or only the specified player's ones.>
...portalgun.admin<Allows to DESTROY and MOVE the cube>
...portalgun.user.gun<Allows to USE the Portal Gun>
...portalgun.user.boots<Allows to USE the Gravity Boots>
...portalgun.user.cube<Allows to MOVE the cube with rightclick>

< . . . Next Features . . . >

( I wish you to have the last word in this, so please vote in the "Vote for Next Features!" poll, post your ideas in the Forum and tell me what do you want in the next version! )

    • Add Blue/Orange Gels.
    • Able to restrict which entities can teleport through the portals (true/false):
      • Players.
      • Living Entities.
      • Inert Entities.
    • Add message for players without permissions trying to shoot the Portal Gun.
    • Allow non-player-needed commands to run from console.

< . . . Other Language Files . . . >

< . . . More Video Links! . . . >

< . . . Changelog . . . >

< . . . Known Issues . . . >

Get teleported to END?:

  • That means you have another plugin conflicting with PortalGun, find any plugin working with end portals and update/remove it.

Think the wall portal (vertical in walls) is too high?:

  • After days of working on this plugin the only way to handle the teleportation and pushing vectors without creating an infinite (bugged) loop is to use at least the portal block and +2 more blocks high of air.

The Cube can't be teleported through floor portals when pushing it?:

  • Sadly has minecraft handles the blocks The Cube get stuck instead of being teleported, anyways if you teleport it from a wall and then goes out for the floor portal, when falling straight will enter correctly, i'll work in some methods to allow The Cube to enter anyway anytime.

< . . . Errors / Issues - Troubleshooting . . . >

GETTING "Unsupported major.minor version 51.0" ON START?


  • Plugin won't load!
    • Your server version is the same as the plugin one?
  • I get tons of errors!
    • Try to remove all the plugin data (jar and folder), start/stop the server, paste again the jar in the plugins folder and start again.

< . . . About the Author . . . >

When i start a server with dozens of plugins i have the same fear... will plugins break with this build? Well I can guarantee my plugins WILL NOT! cause i'm an active programmer, i'll always update my plugins to work with latest RB CraftBukkit Builds, so relax and enjoy. BUT WHAT HAPPENED?! Yes i'm less active these days due to bukkit "shutdown", work, familty you know... but i'm still working on it :)

Also, you can hire me to make a custom plugin for your server, just ask!

< . . . Donations . . . >

This is a free work, i'm not gonna get rich with this, so if you like my work, want to speed up the development or get custom features, please feel free to donate, a simple $ is enought to buy me some cookies :)


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