There is a major bug fix with portal uses in v2.1.1. It requires Interactables v1.1.1!

Thanks for 5,000 downloads! 10,000?!?

PortalCommands allows the creation of portals that when entered, will execute commands and/or send messages.

The plugin Interactables is NECESSARY for this plugin to run as of 2.0! Download it here.

- Worledit-based creation system meaning that portals can be any size.
- Set a command (or commands!) for the portal to execute on entry.
- Set a message (or messages!) to be sent to the player on entry.
- Multi-word command and message support.
- Colored message support.
- Choose if the player or console sends the command.
- Set cooldowns for portals.
- Player variable! Use @p in commands or messages and it will be replaced with the executer's name.
- Set use limit for portals.
- Use the Special portal type to support commands from custom command plugins.

Following for PortalCommands 2.0+ only!
Visit here to see a guide for previous versions.

Required Dependencies:
- Interactables: Link
- WorldEdit

Upcoming Features
Suggestions! Please let me know of any errors you find!


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