(Recent version works with the 1.8-R1 CraftBukkit version only)


Use the latest version (v1.5a) for the best performance with CB-1.8-R1

Thank you for over 3,000 downloads! <3 <3 <3

What is 'PortabLight'?

It is a Plugin which allows items to act as a lamp while being hold by a player.


  • Items act as lamp (with permission: 'portablelight.use' or as op)

Planned Features&Commands

(I'm currently working on them)

  • Better performance

Recently updated

  • Release | CB-1.7.10-R0.1-20140817.180155-16.jar | PortableLight-v1.4a.jar
    • Rewrote plugin code completely
    • Added basic api to add/remove illuminating items
    • Added config file 'plugins/PortableLight.properties' to add/remove illuminating items (use the list 'AllowedMaterials' to define items)
    • Note that this version hasn't been published due to dev.bukkit.org issues.
  • Release | CB-1.8-R1 | PortableLight-v1.5a.jar
    • Updated to version 1.8 (from BuildTools-1.8.20141228.jar)
    • Fixed incorrect oldLL to use oldLLt


  1. Download the plugin
  2. Place it in your 'plugins' directory
  3. Create a file called 'PortableLight.properties' in your 'plugins' (please note that the torch also needs to be added to the 'AllowedMaterials' inside the properties file!)
  4. Start your server
  5. Now the plugin is ready to use (no configuration needed!)
  • You can un-/register items by changing the 'AllowedMaterials' property in './plugins/PortableLight.properties' ( - all material names are seperated by a comma ( , )).
  • You can un-/register items by accessing the API programmatically through the 'PortableLight' class ( - remember to add PortableLight as a dependency in your 'plugin.yml'). Included methods:
    • .registerMaterial(Material material) - - Register new material
    • .registerMaterials(Material... materials) - - Register new materials
    • .unregisterMaterial(Material material) - - Unregister registered material
    • .unregisterMaterials(Material... materials) - - Unregister registered materials
    • .isMaterialRegistered(Material material) - - Determine if a material is registered
Quote from an exmaple PortableLight.properties:
# List of materials that will illuminate (seperated by commas; whitespaces are ignored), e.g.
# AllowedMaterials=<MATERIAL>,<MATERIAL>

You can find a list of all available materials here.


Youtube Video:

Bukkit Plugin Showcase #2: PortableLight (v1.3c)


  • I'm happy about every suggestion :)


  • The current version might have bugs, because it uses an untested method to determine the lightlevel, which causes a framedrop on the client
  • The current version produces an error when there is no PortableLight.properties file inside the './plugins' directory and creates a folder named 'PortableLight.properties' instead. Fix: Create the PortableLight.properties file manually (i.e. touch ./plugins/PortableLight.properties in the server root directory)
  • No other bugs at the moment


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