This plugin is mean for role-playing servers that want the be even more realistic.

Players now have to go to the bathroom after they eat or drink something

Now you can build functional bathrooms on your server and have real sewage systems!

How it works

  1. Player eats or drinks something
  2. Whatever they consumed will be tracked in a sqlite database
  3. The player now has to dispose of the waste in a bathroom or something on your server by using /poop
  • If they start to eat too much without going to the bathroom they will have some side-effects



Change Log

Other/Important Info

/poop allows the player to poop (may require the poop permission but it should be allowed by default) Sometimes there is a small issue when multiple people eat at the same time and the database gets locked. Don't worry, all that happens is it doesn't increase how much they ate until it's unlocked after a period of inactivity.

If you would like to see this plugin in action or see and example of a sewer system visit our server: mc.bloccrew.com


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