This plugin allows players to create in-game Points of Interest using signs and allows other players to find them with the standard compass or to view them on a live map with dynmap 1.8+!

Upgrading from versions prior to 1.02 is a Major update. Please refer to release notes and installation guide before upgrading.

Major Features

  • Create Points of Interest by creating special signs.
  • Find closest Points of Interest and see distance and directions for each.
  • [*New in v1.1.x] view Points of Interest on a live map via dynmap 1.8+ integration!
  • [*New in v1.0.x] Target nearby POIs with your compass!
  • [*New in v1.0.x] Immediately teleport to a Point of Interest.
  • [*New in v1.0.x] Most common uses require no typing but there is added flexibility through in-game commands.

For Admins

  • Highly configurable with a full suite of
  • "Lockdown" config option provides safety in case of a release with breaking config changes. Also allows for temporary disabling of plugin for maintenance purposes with the option to bypass via permissions.
  • Uses sqlite as a small, zero-configuration db solution.
  • Custom config implementation puts instructions directly above each config node.

Important Links

Commands (In-game help available on each)

  • /poi help (List of these actions, or detailed help on a specific action)
  • /poi types (List of available POI types) [New in v1.1.x]
  • /poi tp (Teleport to a Point of Interest) [New in v1.0.x]
  • /poi remove (Removes a Point of Interest)
  • /poi search (Radius search for nearby Points of Interest)
  • /poi list (List all Points of Interest of a given player, in the current world)
  • /poi page (Page through latest results from search or list)
  • /poi select (Selects a Point Of Interest by id for further interactions)
  • /poi summary (Get a summary of currently selected Point, including directions)
  • /poi (Shortcut for /poi summary)
  • /poi config (Reloads configuration from file)

Supported Permissions

  • crussell52.poi.* - Access to all functionality
  • crussell52.poi.view - Ability to search, list, and use compass to find POIs
  • crussell52.poi.compass - Ability to use compass to find POIs
  • crussell52.poi.action. - Access to all actions under the poi command
  • crussell.poi.action.teleport Ability to teleport directly to POIs
  • crussell52.poi.action.add - Ability to add POIs - auto-grants remove permission
  • crussell52.poi.action.add - Ability to add POIs - auto-grants remove permission
  • crussell52.poi.action.remove - Ability to remove your POIs
  • crussell52.poi.action.remove.others - Ability to remove POIs owned by self and others
  • crussell52.poi.action.search - Ability to search for nearby POIs with command
  • crussell52.poi.action.list - Ability to list your POIs or those of others
  • crussell52.poi.action.config.reload - Grants the ability to relaod configuration from the file
  • crussell52.poi.lockdown.override - Grants ability to operate normally while POI lock down is in effect
  • crussell52.poi.max.{dynamic} - Dynamic permissions for unique POI maximums.
  • crussell52.poi.type.{dynamic} - Dynamic permissions for access to individual POI types.

Configuration Options

  • distanceThreshold: Maximum radius for searching for nearby POIs
  • minPoiGap: Minimum distance between any two POIs
  • maxSearchResults: Maximum number of POIs returned when searching for nearby POIs
  • maxPlayerPoiPerWorld: Maximum number of Points of Interest allowed per player in each World
  • crussell52.poi.max: Allows creation of custom permission nodes, each with a specified max (use to override "maxPlayerPoiPerWorld" option)
  • worldBlackList: Disallows Points of Interest in listed Worlds
  • lockDown: Prevents interaction with POI plugin (overridable via permissions)
  • mapMarkerWorlds: Turn on dynmap marker support per world.
  • poiTypes: Create POI types. Configure labels, default permissions and what map marker icon to use (if any).

About the Author

I am a 35 year old, professional software developer and I am passionate about quality, maintainable code. I have been playing Minecraft since the early Beta days and love what Bukkit has added to the experience. Like all the other awesome authors of Bukkit Plugins, I created this plugin for the good of the community. This plugin was originally published a couple of years ago and was my first published plugin. I'm happy to have found time to go back and spruce it up and I hope it finds a good home on your server!

If you've enjoyed it, please consider donating. Long gone are the days of "starving college student", but I am recently engaged and also long gone are the days of our parents paying for our wedding! :-) Your donations will help me justify the time I spend working on this instead of other, paid-for, side-work.

Please feel free to view this project's source code on github. If you run into any problems, please let me know and I will do my best to patch it up in a timely manner.

Thank you again, and enjoy!

- Chris


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