This project is abandoned and its default file will likely not work with the most recent version of Minecraft. Whether this project is out of date or its author has marked it as abandoned, this project is no longer maintained.

This plugin allows players to buy items, commands and more with Points. PlayerPoints is needed for this.

This Plugin is continued here:



  • Buy items/itemsets
  • Add subcodes (like colored wool), damage and enchantments to items
  • Buy cmds/doubleCmds/cmdSets
  • Buy perms/permSets/timePerms
  • TimePermissions : After the configurable time, the permissions will be removed
  • Trade points with money
  • Configurable (you can add/remove infinite cmds/items/permissions)
  • Permissions Support
  • Add configurable prices
  • Economy Support (Vault is needed) (optional)
  • Sign support
You need Vault if you want to work with Perms/PermSets/TimePerms/Economy!

Command explanation


  • /<ps/pshop> buy <cmd/Dcmd/item/itemSet/money/points/perm/permSet/timePerm> <name>
  • /<ps/pshop> list <item/itemSet/cmd/Dcmd/perm/permSet/timePerm> <page>
  • You can remove /ps if you want (here you can see, how to remove this)


  • PointShop.buy.Item
  • PointShop.buy.ItemSet
  • PointShop.buy.Cmd
  • PointShop.buy.DCmd
  • PointShop.buy.CmdSet
  • PointShop.buy.Perm
  • PointShop.buy.TimePerm
  • PointShop.buy.PermSet
  • PointShop.buy.Points
  • PointShop.buy.Money
  • PointShop.list
  • PointShop.sign.create
  • PointShop.sign.use


  • Add list of items/cmds
  • Add other things to buy
  • Add messages.yml
  • Buy command, and after x time, another command will be executed (like /op and /deop)


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