For Server Owners

Just copy and paste this into your plugins folder and restart the server. You can edit some settings in the config.yml. You must set your MySQL connection into the config.yml! Or you can use the data.yml if you don't have MySQL


PointsAPI is plugin where users can get points for special things like killing someone or winning a minigame.

You can set the layout in the configuration!

# Display the points in the chat
display_in_chat: true

# Prefix in the chat
prefix: '&7[&a%points%&7]'

# Seconds until the points of a player gets updated
refresh-delay: 45

# Integrate PointsAPI into vault
vault: false

# MySQL-Database for multiple servers
  enable: false
  host: localhost
  port: 3306
  database: database
  user: username
  pass: password 

Permission and commands

  • /pa
  • /pa help
  • /pa see {player} | pa.manage | Default: op
  • /pa set {player} {points} | pa.manage | Default: op
  • /pa add {player} {points} | pa.manage | Default: op
  • /pa vault | pa.manageDefault: op
  • /points | pa.points | Default: everyone

Plugin Developers

How to use Points with your plugin:

  1. Add PointsAPI to your build path
  • Add points:
PointsAPI.addPoints(player, {points});
  • Set points:
PointsAPI.setPoints(player, {points});
  • Get points:
int i = PointsAPI.getPoints(player);

Plugins using PointsAPI


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