This Plugin is now OPEN SOURCE. Feel free to decompile and to use the Code !

What is this?

PocketDimension is a Plugin that allows Players to create own Dimensions by Command. There are three Types of Bases (They can be changed in the config.yml). The Bases are spawning randomly in the World , You can fully configurate where the Bases spawn. Admins can destroy Bases and visit the Bases of the Players.

This is a continuation of my outdated Plugin Bedrockbase -Organizer!

The differnce between Bedrockbase-Organizer and PocketDimension is the UUID compatibility and the Visit-Feature!


1.Download the jar-File

2.Paste it in your /plugins Folder



1. You can change the Messages: prefix ... noperms (Colorcodes enabled)

2. "world" means the World where the Bases spawn.

3. "yaxis" Is the Y-Coordinate where the Bases spawn

4. Dimensions spawns randomly between the Cordinates (from > to)

5. There are 3 Sizes available. They can be changed. (Permissions later)


- /pd - Shows the help (no permission)

- /pd create - Creates a Base (pocketdimension.create.size3 | pocketdimension.create.size2 | pocketdimension.create.size1)

If somebody have all these Permissions, he will get Size3

-/pd home -Teleports you to your Base (pocketdimension.home)

-/pd setkey [key] -Set the password of your base (pocketdimension.setkey)

-/pd visit [Player] [key] -Visit Bases(pocketdimension.visit)

-/pd remove -Removes your Base (Player have to accept) (pocketdimension.remove)

Admin Commands

/bb a_tpbase [UUID] - Teleports you to Players Base (pocketdimension.admin)

/bb a_remove [UUID] - Removes Players Base (pocketdimension.admin)


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