Your house in your pocket !

What is it ?

This plugin allows players to have a house in their pocket. Yeah it's right; a house in their pocket ! They just have to right click with a specified item (configurable) and they can be teleported whenever they want in their house. Please check the video below for more informations.

How does it work ?

PocketHouse creates a world (to store houses). When a player run a command (see below) or use the specified item, he is teleported to his house location. The players' houses locations are stored in the "players" folder (../plugins/PocketHouse/players). They can be teleported back to their location at anytime they want.

Documentation (configuration, commands, permissions, ...)

The documentation with configuration, commands, permissions and API is available here.

Screenshots and videos

Screenshot 1 Screenshot 2

More screenshots here.


If you have a YouTube channel and wanna make a video, please post it below ;)

Bugs, improvements and feature requests

Got a bug ? Have a feature request ? Then post a ticket here !

Services included in the plugin

This plugin uses the Skyupdater, which means that the following may occur :

  • Connection to curseforge.com.
  • Plugin version compared against version on curseforge.com.
  • Downloading of the plugin from curseforge.com if a new version is found.

This plugin also uses JNBT.

Credits and source code

Thanks to Frathell (twitter here) for his house schematic. Feel free to contact him if you have a map / structure request :)

The source code is available here and is licensed under GNU GPL v3.


Development costs time and time is the money of life. Please feel free to donate.



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