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What is PlugMan?

PlugMan is a simple, easy to use Bukkit plugin that lets server admins enable, disable and reload plugins on the fly from either in-game or console. It has separate permissions for users to be able to get command usages and plugin info.


  • Enable/Disable/Load/Unload/Reload plugins from in-game or console.
  • Easily manage plugins without having to constantly restart your server.
  • Test if a player has a certain permission node.
  • List commands a plugin has registered.
  • Permissions Support - All commands default to OP.


  • /plugman help - Shows the help menu.
  • /plugman list - List plugins.
  • /plugman vlist - Lists plugins with versions.
  • /plugman info [plugin] - Shows the name, version and author of a plugin.
  • /plugman usage [plugin] - Shows the commands a plugin has registered.
  • /plugman status [plugin] - Checks the status of a plugin.
  • /plugman test [permission] [player] - Tests a permission node.
  • /plugman unload (plugin) - Unloads a plugin from the server.
  • /plugman load [plugin] - Loads a new plugin, proper caps are important!
  • /plugman reload [plugin|all] - Reloads a plugin (unload/load).
  • /plugman restart [plugin|all] - Restarts a plugin (disbale/enable).
  • /plugman enable [plugin] - Enables a plugin.
  • /plugman disable [plugin] - Disables a plugin.


Grouped Permissions:

  • plugman.admin - Allows use of all PlugMan commands.

Individual Permissions:

  • - Allows use of the help command.
  • plugman.list - Allows use of the list command.
  • plugman.vlist - Allows use of vlist command.
  • - Allows use of the info command.
  • plugman.usage - Allows use of the usage command.
  • plugman.status - Allows use of the status command.
  • plugman.test - Allows use of the test command.
  • plugman.load - Allows use of the load command.
  • plugman.unload - Allows use of the unload command.
  • plugman.reload - Allows use of the reload command.
  • plugman.restart - Allows use of the restart command.
  • plugman.enable - Allows use of enable command.
  • plugman.disable - Allows use of the disable command.


  • use-metrics - Boolean to determine if you want to use metrics statistics.
  • skip-on-reload - A list of plugins to skip when using /plugman reload all

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