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PluginsBaker is framework, created after getting annoyed by recoding many usefull systems on my plugins, that has a lot of usefull API for developpers. It helps you to accelerate the development of your plugin, and "adding 20% more love than the next leading brand" ! It includes, for instance, an API to easily create a default configuration (Now a bit useless with the new Bukkit API), an other one to create a language file, containing all the sentences used in your plugins. If you're an admin of a server, you'll need this plugin to run any of my plugin, ANY. Last thing, you absolutely need Vault to make this plugin work, cuz' I use some of their API to recreate an API ("APInception") and, with Vault, your server will smell vanilla !

/!\ This plugin NEEDS Vault to work, don't forget to install it ! /!\

Authors: Ptibiscuit

How to use

List of Plugins that use PluginsBaker:

Features for developpers:

PluginsBaker gives a lot of little things to accelerates the development of a plugin. I've created like 20 plugins for my server, everytime I find something that annoys me to code, I write some functions in PluginsBaker to make it easier for me the next time I'll make a plugin. This list is probably not complete, but it shows some of the features:

  • Lang API, allows you to easily handle a file containing all the sentences used in your plugin. Easy, for the admin, to modify one f the sentence, or add colours ! A lang file looks like that:
    forget_succ=Vous avez oublié votre métier \!
    fake_tag_prof=Un tag de profession du fichier professions.yml n'existe pas.
    unknown_tag=Tag de profession inconnue.
    whois_entete=§6Informations sur {PLAYER}\:§f
  • Config default API, now a bit useless with the new Bukkit Configuration API, it is just a function, called when a default config has to be created, containing all the default value of configuration. :)
  • A Mysql API, a class that handle a Mysql Connection.
  • A Log System, make better log by using some functions. I'm sure you have always wanted to make those kind of log:
    2012-04-22 18:17:14 [INFO] -------------------------------------------
    2012-04-22 18:17:14 [INFO] | PluginsBaker by Ptibiscuit              |
    2012-04-22 18:17:14 [INFO] | --------------------------------------- |
    2012-04-22 18:17:14 [INFO] | Allows you to use many plugins like:    |
    2012-04-22 18:17:14 [INFO] | SuperEvent, iProfessions, iGates, ...   |
    2012-04-22 18:17:14 [INFO] | --------------------------------------- |
    2012-04-22 18:17:14 [INFO] | Thanks using PluginBaker, Have Fun ! =) |
    2012-04-22 18:17:14 [INFO] -------------------------------------------
    I know, right !
  • A TCP socket API, to connect with others programs (or others servers).
  • The plugins also handle some of the basics stuff, like handling a chat prefix and putting in messages you send to player, a permission prefix. With those little thing, you don't have to rewrite some part of code everywhere in your plugin, and you wouldn't have to do it if, one day, you change the name of your plugin.

Tutoriel for developpers

Unfortunately, the only tutoriel to create plugins with PluginBaker, is a the french one, right here: Développer des plugins avec PluginsBaker sur


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