Plugins Downloader and Installer

Plugins Downloader and Installer

This plugin allows you to search, download and install Bukkit plugins directly from the game.

Commands, Aliases and Permissions

Command : /plugins-downloader.

Aliases : p-d, pl-downloader or plugin-down.

Sub-commands :

  • search [project name] - - Search for a plugin. It will paginate the results (see how to parse pages below).
    Example : /p-d search Ghost.
  • infos [project id] - pluginsdownloader.infos - Get some informations about the latest file.
    Example : /pl-downloader infos 58232.
  • download [project id] - - Download the latest file of the specified project.
    Example : /plugin-down download 58232.
  • page [page] - No permission - View a cached page.
    Example : /plugins-downloader page 2.


Please stop your server before editing your configuration.

enable :

messages :

  • no-permission - Sent if you do not have the permission to perform the specified command.

options :

  • downloads-directory - The folder where the files are downloaded. This is a relative path !

api :

You are allowed to edit those values but you do not need it. More informations here.

  • key - Your API key on Please note that it is not required but if you enter an invalid key, you will get an error.
  • protocol - The protocol of the API.
  • url - The URL of the API.
  • search - Used to search plugins on the API.
  • infos - Used to get informations on the API.
  • bukkitdev-plugins-url - Used to build urls.


Services included in the plugin

This plugin uses the Skyupdater which means that the following may occur :

  • Connection to
  • Plugin version compared against version on
  • Downloading of the plugin from


Development cost time and time is the money of the life. Please feel free to donate.



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