This project is took over. Nevertheless you can download the latest source here (until we have a git-repo).

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Basic Description

What is PluginManager? It's a simple plugin for managing your Bukkit-Plugins.

PluginManager features:

  • Install plugins from BukkitDev ingame
  • Return a list with installed plugins and additional information
  • Show detailed infos about plugins
  • Load/Unload/Reload plugins
  • Search for plugins on BukkitDev
  • Check if a new version of a plugin is avaiable
  • Update to the latest version of a plugin

For this, the plugin accessing the official BukkitDev-Website (, fetching the plugin-pages and scanning them.

For Plugin Developers

PluginManager has already one of the best Url-Genrators (for BukkitDev). But for some plugins, this isn't enough.

You want to make sure that your plugin is supported by PluginManager?

  1. First, you need your BukkitDev-Url. So go on your BukkitDev-Plugin-Site and click on the tab "Overview" (If you aren't already there).
  2. Copy the Url of the site (For this plugin, it's
  3. Insert this key-value-pair (like name: PluginManager) in your plugin.yml:
    dev-url: <URL>
    Simply replace <URL> with your BukkitDev-Url, so its looking like this (for this plugin):


If the parameter in this list contains "Plugins...", you can write down unlimited plugins and split them with spaces (like "/pm list Essentials WorldEdit"). If your plugin name contains a space, try it with a "-" or nothing (like "/pm list Marriage-Reloaded" or "/pm PermBukkit")!

If the parameter in this list contains "all", you can write "all" or no paramerer for ALL plugins (like "/pm list all" or "/pm list").

The Permission "pluginmanager.*" gives access to use all PluginManager functions (Byte default for OPs).

/pm helpShows a
/pm list <Plugins... \ all>Lists some or all plugins with additional information.pluginmanager.list
/pm listfile <Plugins... \ all>Lists some or all plugins with additional information into a file.pluginmanager.listfile
/pm info <Plugins... \ all>Show detailed info about some or all
/pm infofile <Plugins... \ all>Prints detailed info about some or all plugins into a file.pluginmanager.infofile
/pm load <Plugins... \ all>Loads some or all plugins.pluginmanager.load
/pm unload <Plugins... \ all>Unloads some or all plugins.pluginmanager.unload
/pm reload <Plugins... \ all>Reloads some or all plugins.pluginmanager.reload
/pm search <Search-String>Searches for plugins on
/pm checkversion <Plugins... \ all>Checks some or all plugins for a new version.pluginmanager.checkversion
/pm update <Plugins... \ all>Updates some or all plugins if a new version is avaiable.pluginmanager.update
/pm install <Plugins...>Installs some plugins.pluginmanager.install


When you start the plugin the first time, it will automatically creates a config.yml in plugins/PluginManager.

Config (the comments aren't in your config, they're for explaining):

# Should PluginManager prints update and installation infos on the console
# and log them?
# Useful for controlling the version activity.
logVersionInfo: true


  # Should PluginManager checks all plugin versions when the server starts?
  # (also on reload)
  # May requires much RAM.
  onStart: false
  # Should PluginManager checks all plugin versions when a permitted player
  #(pluginmanager.checkversion and pluginmanager.update) joins?
  # May requires much RAM.
  onJoin: false


  # Should PluginManager updates all plugins when the server starts?
  # (also on reload)
  # May requires much RAM.
  autoUpdate: false


  # Debug: Should PluginManager print internal and not-so-bad errors on
  # the console?
  # Not recommended!
  printSilenceErrors: false


  # PluginManager prints the plugin-list with "/pm listfile" into this
  # file.
  list: plugins.txt

  # PluginManager prints the plugin-info with "/pm infofile" into this
  # file.
  info: plugin-info.txt


  # Should PluginManager build a plugin-cache on startup? (Recommended for
  # people who use the search-function)
  # Will take much time!
  buildOnStart: true

  # Until which plugin-page (the pages on
  # should PluginManager fetch plugins?
  # There are about 300 pages on BukkitDev.
  pageCount: 100

# Which plugins should PluginManager ignore? (You can also let it empty)
# PluginManager will also don't unzip files with one of these names.
- Plugin1
- Plugin2


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