Support now Bukkit 1.7.2!!!

This plugin stops players from seeing certain, or all your plugins. You can configuration which, or if players can see plugins at all.


Edits the lists the plugin list.

Usage And Permission

/plpluginfake.listAllows players to list plugins
/pl add [plugin name]pluginfake.addAllows players to add fake plugins to the plugin list
/pl delete [plugin name]pluginfake.deleteAllows players to delete fake plugins from the plugin list
/pl rename [old name] [new name]pluginfake.renameAllows players to rename plugins in the fake plugin list
/pl enable [plugin name]pluginfake.enableEnable this plugin
/pl disable [plugin name]pluginfake.disableDisable this plugin
/pl helppluginfake.helpAllows player to receive help for this plugin
/pl reallistpluginfake.reallistAllows player to view the real list of plugins
/pl fakelistpluginfake.fakelistAllows player to view the fake list

The config file is loading on write command! You can edit the file, if server run now.


Download: Click here, to download.

Developers & API

If you use api in PHP, you can use function without CURL and "file_get_contents ". Click here, to view functions Api (PHP) Click here, to view functions Api (JavaDoc)


I can help you! Click here to make a ticket.

Change Log

  • PluginFake v1.7
  1. Added new api in Java
  2. Deleted old api in Java
  3. Added JavaDoc online (
  4. Api can translate messages in PluginFake and change permission (pluginfake.list, pluginfake.add, pluginfake.delete, etc.)
  5. Repaired many bugs
  6. Support for 1.6.2!
  • PluginFake v1.6
  1. Added api with PHP and Java
  2. AutoCreate files and folder
  3. Support for 1.3.2 r3.0
  • PluginFake v1.5:
  1. Added all commands /plugins (/plugins help, /plugins add, etc.)
  • PluginFake v1.4:
  1. Added usage to all commands
  2. Renamed /pf to /pl
  3. Added errors (for example: "Plugin not found", "IOExceprtion error", "Please create file...")
  4. Added help pages
  5. Added command fakelist (/pl fakelist)
  6. Added command reallist (/pl reallist)
  7. Plugin can't crash :)
  8. All commands are working
  9. All is in 5,46 KB!
  • PluginFake v1.3:
  1. Added command to delete plugin of fake list
  2. Added command to add plugin of fake list
  3. Added command to disable plugin of fake list
  4. Added command to enable plugin of fake list
  5. Added command to rename plugin of fake list
  6. Changed loading on console
  • PluginFake v1.2:
  1. Added Fake List of Plugins in file
  2. Deleted folder META-INF
  3. Deleted file /me/barwnikk/PluginFake/
  4. Deleted file /.project
  5. Deleted file /.classpath
  • PluginFake v1.1:
  1. Added realy plugin, if sender have permission
  • PluginFake v1.0:
  1. Added fake info for plugins on server



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