I uploaded a fix for this issue. This plugin is working again.


Instaler offers a way to manage your plugins with just a few simple commands.

The plugins features are:

  • Search for plugins and their versions with just one command
  • Install plugins directly from curse or bukkit
  • Install plugin from any download URL
  • View all your plugins in the pluginmanager
  • Enable and disable any plugin on your server
  • Uninstall plugins that you dont need

I recently started going to University, and the time I have left to get into minecraft or programming at all is enough to get any big changes or updates done. I don't play minecraft anymore, and I think i will stop updating this plugin. If there is any huge problem with the plugin you can comment, and i might fix it if I find some time to work on it, but right now I need to consider what i want to do in my future, so making plugins, which was fun during my time in school will not fit alongside all the other things i have to do right now. I hope this plugin will last for at least some time, but i am not able to ensure that its working.

Click here for more videos ( Ger, Esp (outdated), Pol (outdated) )


Permissions and Commands

This plugin has the following commands:

  • /inst ... or /installer ...:
    • ... ?/help (page) will display the helpscreen
    • ... search [name] will search for plugins (spaces are allowed)
    • ... load [url] enter a bukkit or curse url to download a plugin (e.g.
      • or enter a download-url to download any file that contains a plugin
    • ... pm or ... pluginmanager will open the pluginmanager

A list of all permissions used by this plugin:

  • installer.* Allows to use every feature of this plugin
    • Includes: All permissions
  • Allows to use the help command of this plugin
    • Includes: -
  • installer.install Allows to install and update plugins
    • Includes:
  • installer.urlinstall Allows to install plugins form download-urls (can be unsafe plugins)
    • Includes: installer.install
  • installer.enable Allows to enable plugins
    • Includes: installer.pluginmanager
  • installer.disable Allows to disable plugins
    • Includes: installer.pluginmanager
  • installer.deinstall Allows to uninstall plugins
    • Includes: installer.pluginmanager
  • installer.pluginmanager Allows to open the pluginmanager
    • Includes:


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The original idea was from troycooper5


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