Plotty v1.x is now outdated as Plotty v2 is finished and available on BukkitDev. You can find it here. Please update to this version for much more features, a better way of storing data, less bugs and much, much more!


Plotty is a plot management plugin for the world generator, InfinitePlots. It uses WorldEdit and WorldGuard to protect the plots, and there is also options to customize how many plots people can have, etc.
This plugin requires WorldEdit, WorldGuard, Vault and InfinitePlots.. Without them, it will not work.


I have been notified that WorldGuard will soon update (if it hasn't already) to a later version (6.x) which WILL BREAK PLOTTY until I update it with support for WorldGuard 6.x. This is not my fault, and I will do what I can to fix it.


  • Automatically finds and creates new plot upon /plot new.
  • Configurable limit of plots.
  • Plots are protected from TNT and creepers.
  • Requires very little configuration.
  • Plot friend functionality!
  • Go to anyone's plot!


  • /plot - Show Plotty help.
  • /plot new - Find and claim a new plot.
  • /plot friend <id> <player> - Add a friend to your plot.
  • /plot unfriend <id> <player> - Remove a friend from your plot.
  • /plot tp <id> - Teleport to one of your plots.
  • /plot tpf <id> - Teleport to a plot you are 'friended' in.
  • /plot list - List your plots - GID is the global ID (new in 1.2), this can be used for other players to teleport to your plot.
  • /plot info - Get the info of the plot you're standing in.
  • /plot del <id> <f> - Delete one of your plots. (add f to remove yourself from a friended plot). Note - this will change IDs of plots.
  • /plot admin listall - List all plots in the world. (alias /plot a listall)
  • /plot admin del <player> <pid> - Delete a player's plot. PID is the ID specific to the player. Find this with /plot a listall. (alias /plot a del)
  • /plot goto <gid> - Goto a plot in the world - GID is the Global ID for the plot.
  • /plot admin migrate - Migrate the plots to v1.2. You must do this if you have/had version 1.1 or below!
  • /plot admin corrupted - Delete the corrupted plots from v1.1. (some plots are corrupted due to a glitch in v1.1 - sorry!)


1. If you haven't already, make the world - it must generate with InfinitePlots.
2. Set the size of the plots in the Plotty config to the size of the plots you set for InfinitePlots. (default is 64).
3. Set the world name in the Plotty config to the name of the world generated with InfinitePlots.
4. Customize the remaining parts of the Plotty config at will.
5. If you want to protect the pathways, type /region flag __global__ build deny.
6. Plotty is now setup! Have fun!


The permissions are just "plotty.commandname", commandname being the first part of the command, eg: The permissions are SuperPerms/the default Bukkit permissions, the reason being that most permissions managers support this anyway. Use "plotty.*" as a wildcard for ALL commands - ops also have all the commands. For admin command, the permission is "plotty.admin.commandnamehere", ex. plotty.admin.del. Plotty depends on Vault for permissions.

Max plots specific to players/groups

Setting max plots for groups
To set maximum plots for certain groups, go into the config file and under "groupmaxplots", add "groupname: maxplots", groupname being the name and maxplots being the number of plots you want to give them.

Setting max plots for users
To set maximum plots for certain users, go into the config file and find "playermaxplots". Under this, add "playername: maxplots", playername being the name of the player and maxplots being the number of plots you want to give them.

Example config:

  plotSize: 64
  plotHeight: 20
  maxPlots: 5
  world: Creative
    guest: 1
    builder: 5
    moderator: 15
    Notch: 1000
    bob: 10

Signs on Plots

Signs are placed on the bottom right corner of plots. For versions below 1.2, existing plots will NOT have signs placed on them.
Currently there is no config option for this, but in the future I will add one.

IMPORTANT (only do these bugfixes if you have ran/used Plotty v1.1 or below!)

Note - I have tried to make the process of fixing bugs as simple as it can be, I am very sorry for any inconvenience.

To fix all of the bugs, do the following commands.
1. - /plot a fixcaps - This will fix the file names to make them all lowercase. In versions prior to v1.2.1, files would be created with lowercase and uppercase versions of player names, this caused the players to lose plots and Plotty will think they're corrupted. It is crucial that you do this first.
2. - /plot a migrate - This will migrate all the plots to v1.2.
3. - /plot a corrupted - This will delete the corrupted plots. This is optional but recommended.

It is also STRONGLY RECOMMENDED that you use the command '/region flag __global__ deny-spawn wither' to stop spawning of the wither in 1.4. There are no protections built into Plotty against the wither. It will explode if you don't add the flag above to the world.


Download | Source Code

Note - some features in the description may not exist if you are not running v1.2/1.2 has not been accepted by BukkitDev.


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