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    Mar 18, 2019
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  • 1.13


Ey yo wassup party people
We've decided that it's time to make PlotSquared 4 a proper release, and not one of those boring pre-releases. Anyways, this is a big release that we've put an insane amount of time and effort into. We hope y'all will enjoy it.
Note that this release will only work on Bukkit 1.13. If you are updating from a previous (pre 1.13) release, then you can find instructions on how to do so here ( The wiki has been updated to support the 1.13 changes to schematics and configurations.
Donations are very much welcome (, but if you don't have the means (or just don't want) to donate, then you can help us by giving us a friendly little Spigot review, and by reporting any issues you encouter when using the plugin.
* unmessified the API
* improvements to plot retrieval
* fixed the guest gamemode flag
* added a schematic listing command
* added 1.13 support
* added block buckets
* fixed plot item
* updated to WorldEdit 7
* updated schematic system
* allow for multiple block usage in all plot components
* fixed sign removal
* switched to bstats for metrics
* fixed plot music
* added option to specify Y value for plot home
* added option to specify Y value for schematic pasting
* added support for tridents
* added new update notifier
* added support for the new debug paste service
* fixed redstone disabling
* fixed regenallroads
* fixed deny-exit flag
* updated command descriptions
* removed the plotme converter
* made plot analysis smarter
* added support for turtle eggs
* improved block lists and added block list flag permissions
* unbroke the schematic features that were added before
* fixed item despawning on plots
* unbroke schematics again because they were still broken the last time
* fixed some translations
* cleaned up the code
* reverted the cleanup because it broke everything
* cleaned up the code
* fixed world border issue
* fixed dropped items being removed from plots
* fixed use flag
* removed cluster flags
* fixed boat issue
* loads of minor (and some major) issues that I was too lazy to add to this list