Plot Claim


Plot Claim

Current Version 1.1.0

Updated to work with 1.12.1


Plot Claim gives you a few resources for allowing players to own land on your server. If you ever played Ultima Online, you can appreciate this plugin.

How it Works

You have two options for allowing players to place land.

1. Give them access to the /pclaim command.

2. Create a writ, or deed, that they can use to claim land. These may be placed on a vendor so they have to be bought by the players. Very fun way to sell land. To use the writ Right Click in your inventory, not on your hotbar! Once the writ is used, it will be destroyed from the player's inventory. (Careful when using a stack of writs, they will all be destroyed (To be fixed in future update))

Currently. A player cannot claim land within 10 blocks of another region already defined. If you want to create an area with no housing just make a region over it.

A player may only own one region per world. This is why the release commands and writs are available.

These two options will be configurable in an upcoming release that includes... a config file! :)

Command List

/pclaim <int> : This command creates a region that expands in every direction, x, y, and z, where the number of blocks to expand by is declared as <int>

/prelease : This command let's a player release land that they have already claimed.

/prelease CONFIRM : This is a confirmation command to really release the land after they have read a small warning.

/pcwrit claim <int> : Creates a Writ of Claim in the inventory of the player that issued the command. This writ can be held and either left or right clicked to claim a piece of land. <int> describes how far the land will be expanded from where the player is standing.

/pcwrit release : Creates a writ of release, to release land that is already claimed by a player.

/pcwrit help : Shows you how to use /pcwrit

Config File


Pdistance was added to set the number of blocks that must exist between plots, to keep them from being on top of one another.


WorldGuard and WorldEdit


  • pclaim: PlotClaim.pclaim
  • prelease: PlotClaim.prelease
  • pcwrit: PlotClaim.pcwrit


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