Here you can have more information about what to write in the config file.

#Choose the percentage threshold of ready teams at which the game should start
minimal-ready-teams-percentage-to-start: 60

#Choose the threshold of ready teams at which the game should start (in combination with the percentage condition)
minimal-ready-teams-to-start: 2

#Choose the minimum number of players connected  to start the countdown when team are ready (in combination with the two above options)
min-players-to-start: 0

#Choose how much players can be in the same team, set it to 1 to play a game with no teams
max-players-per-team: 2

#Choose if new players will be auto assigned to a not full team. 
auto-assign-new-player-team: false

#If true, all players with no team when the game starts, will be assigned to a team that is not full. 
#If no team can be found, the player will remain solo
#Be warned that it will even force two solo players to be in the same team, resulting in a game with only one team, thus ending instantly.
#To avoid this wierd case you must set your min-players-to-start value to be higher than the max-players-per-team value
force-assign-solo-player-to-team-when-starting: false

#Set it to true to prevent players from leaving their team (may be useful with auto-assign set to true)
prevent-player-from-leaving-team: false

#Forces the teams to be always ready, thus preventing afk players from blocking the beginning of the game
team-always-ready: false

#Choose the coundown time to start the game when enough teams are ready
#This value must be set to 6 or more. If you set a value of 5 or less, it will cause an unpredictable behavior.
time-to-start-when-ready: 15

#The time is seconds before the PVP starts
time-before-pvp: 600

#Set it to false to kick player when they die
can-spectate-after-death: false

#Set it to true to allow new players to join as spectators when the game is already running (it requires can-spectate-after-death to be true)
can-join-as-spectator: false

#Set it to false to block spectators from sending messages
can-send-messages-after-death: false

#Configure after how many seconds a disconnected player should be considered dead and eliminated
  enable: true
  delay: 20

#Timer in seconds to auto stop/restart the server when the game as ended
time-before-restart-after-end: 30

#Set it to false to prevent the end of the game if there are no players left (may be useful for private servers with friends playing over several days,
# it still requires the server to be left running while there are no players on it)
countdown-ending-game-when-all-players-have-left: true

# Set it to true to enable auto 20 minutes broadcast to help youtubers cut their video
auto-20-min-broadcast: false

#Choose the potions effects to be given to the players when the game starts
#syntax = POTION_NAME/duration_in_ticks/amplifier
#reference list

# Customize game behavior to add non-standard minecraft things

  # Set it to true to allow ghast from dropping tears
  # Setting it to false is a good way to prevent people from making regeneration potions
  allow-ghast-tears-drops: true

  # Enable extra experience drops when killing a player (experience quantities reference
    enable: true
    quantity: 200

  # Enable random extra gold drops for specific mobs
  # Entity types reference list here :
    enable: true
    min: 1
    max: 3
    drop-chance-percentage: 50
    - GHAST

  # Enable extra max life for every player
    enable: true
    extra-half-hearts: 20

  # Add custom crafts
  # Set it to true to enable the need of a permission to use a custom craft
  # Permissions node will be like playuhc.craft.light-apple
  enable-crafts-permissions: false
  #A list of crafts to be removed from Minecraft default crafts. For instance if you set a custom craft that produces a stone pickaxe with the basic wood pickaxe craft pattern, you MUST remove the default minecraft wood pickaxe craft here to make your custom one work. This is because you can't have one recipe that produce two different crafts.
  # The syntax is ITEM/damage_value
  # Items reference list here :
  # To not remove any default crafts use, remove-minecraft-crafts: []

    # Name of your craft, then 1, 2, 3 for every line in the crafting table
    # Please respect this syntax: ITEM/quantity/damage_value
    # Items reference list here :
    # Set limit to -1 to allow unlimited crafts, set to to a value greater than 0 to limit crafts by player
    # You can add enchantments in the enchants list (see the war-axe example) 
    # Allowed enchantments names :
       '1': AIR/1/0 GOLD_INGOT/1/0 AIR/1/0
      '2': GOLD_INGOT/1/0 APPLE/1/0 GOLD_INGOT/1/0
      '3': AIR/1/0 GOLD_INGOT/1/0 AIR/1/0
      craft: GOLDEN_APPLE/1/0
      limit: -1
      '1': IRON_INGOT/1/0 IRON_INGOT/1/0 IRON_INGOT/1/0
      '2': AIR/1/0 IRON_BLOCK/1/0 AIR/1/0
      '3': IRON_INGOT/1/0 IRON_INGOT/1/0 IRON_INGOT/1/0
      craft: ANVIL/1/0
      limit: 2
      '1': IRON_INGOT/1/0 IRON_INGOT/1/0 AIR/1/0
      '2': IRON_INGOT/1/0 IRON_BLOCK/1/0 AIR/1/0
      '3': AIR/1/0 IRON_BLOCK/1/0 AIR/1/0
      craft: IRON_AXE/1/0
      - DAMAGE_ALL 2
      - FIRE_ASPECT 1
      limit: 1

  #Set it to true to prevent players from entering the nether through a portal
  ban-nether: false

  #A list of items that you don't want players to be able to craft 
  # Items reference list here :

  #Set it to true to prevent players from making level II potions with glowstone
  ban-level-2-potions: false

  #Set it to false to get the normal day light cycle
  always-day: true

  # Set it to true to allow droping a player head when a player dies
  # Eating the head regenerates your team for 5 seconds
  add-regen-head-drop-on-player-death: true

  # Set it to false to disable the sound on player death
  # Sound names reference list :
  sound-on-player-death: WITHER_SPAWN

# This section references optional features to allow to run in fast uhc mode ( = uhc run)

  # Set to true to double the duration of the simple golden apple regen effect
  double-regen-apple: false

  # Set it to true if you want animals to drop thei food already cooked
  cooked-dropped-food: false

    # Set it to true to insta-cut a tree by only breaking one block
    auto-cut: false

    # Set it to true to allow finding apples in any tree type
    apples-on-every-tree-type: false

    # Set it to true to allow pasting a nether schematic file in the overworld. 
    # The file should be named nether.schematic and be located in the plugins/PlayUHC folder
    # If enabled, it will be pasted at random places in the world
    enable: false

    # Choose the min number of times the schematic will be pasted at random places
    min-ocurrences: 5 

    # Choose the max number of times the schematic will be pasted at random places
    max-ocurrences: 10    

    # Choose the height at which the schematic should be pasted
    paste-nether-at-y: 20

  # Set it to true to disabled fall damage
  disable-fall-damage: false

  # Configure customizable block loots
  # The name of the sub-category should be an existing block material
  # See reference list here :
  # You can set 'loot' and 'add-xp' to drop an item or some xp
  # The item syntax is MATERIAL/AMOUNT/DAMAGE
  # If you do not want to have special loots, just leave the config node empty like that block-loot: {}
    # Set to true to enable this feature
    enable: false

      # It will drop 4 torches when breaking a coal ore block
        loot: TORCH/4/0 

      # It will drop 2 iron ingots when breaking a iron ore block
      # It will also drop 3 xp
        loot: IRON_INGOT/2/0
        add-xp: 3

      # It will drop 2 gold ingots when breaking a gold ore block
      # It will also drop 3 xp
        loot: GOLD_INGOT/2/0
        add-xp: 3

      # It will drop 2 diamonds when breaking a diamond ore block
      # It will also drop 5 xp
        loot: DIAMOND/2/0
        add-xp: 5

      # It will drop 4 arrows when breaking a gravel block
        loot: ARROW/4/0

  # Generates more ore in the map

    # Set it to true to enable this feature.
    # If requires pre-generate-world to be enabled in order to generate more ores
    enable: false

    # Configure the blocks to be generated
    # The names should be existing material names
    # Reference list here :

        # Minimum generated veins per chunk
        min-veins-per-chunk: 2

        # Maximum generated veins per chunk
        max-veins-per-chunk: 5

        # Minimum generated block per vein
        min-blocks-per-vein: 5

        # Maximum generated block per vein
        max-blocks-per-vein: 10
        # Minimum y height where the vein will be generated
        min-y: 0

        # Maximum y height where the vein will be generated
        max-y: 60

      # Same config with other ores ...
        min-veins-per-chunk: 2
        max-veins-per-chunk: 10
        min-blocks-per-vein: 4
        max-blocks-per-vein: 8
        min-y: 0
        max-y: 60
        min-veins-per-chunk: 2
        max-veins-per-chunk: 5
        min-blocks-per-vein: 2
        max-blocks-per-vein: 8
        min-y: 0
        max-y: 60
        min-veins-per-chunk: 2
        max-veins-per-chunk: 4
        min-blocks-per-vein: 2
        max-blocks-per-vein: 5
        min-y: 0
        max-y: 60
        min-veins-per-chunk: 2
        max-veins-per-chunk: 4
        min-blocks-per-vein: 2
        max-blocks-per-vein: 4
        min-y: 0
        max-y: 60
        min-veins-per-chunk: 2
        max-veins-per-chunk: 5
        min-blocks-per-vein: 4
        max-blocks-per-vein: 6
        min-y: 0
        max-y: 60
        min-veins-per-chunk: 2
        max-veins-per-chunk: 2
        min-blocks-per-vein: 1
        max-blocks-per-vein: 3
        min-y: 0
        max-y: 60

#Set it to true to enable kit permissions support. 
#You then have to give players permissions like
enable-kits-permissions: false

#Edit kits here, to remove all kits write only an empty node: "kits:"
  #Choose a keyword for the kit (not displayed in game)
      #Choose what item will represent the kit
      item: STONE_PICKAXE
      #Choose the name of the item
      name: Kit Tools
    #Write a list of item following the syntax "number item"
    #See item names here
    - 1 STONE_AXE

  #Write other kits
      item: ENCHANTED_BOOK
      name: Enchanting
    - 15 PAPER
    - 5 LEATHER

#Set it to true to give the players a compass to point to their teammates when right-clicking it
playing-compass: true

#Set it to true to give the spectating players access to the '/teleport <player>' command to teleport to playing teammates
spectating-teleport: true

#Options to pre-generate the world
  #If set to true, the plugin will generate every chunks inside the world border
  enable: false

  #Delay in ticks to suspend the generation to avoid server crashing
  rest-every-ticks: 20

  #Duration of the rest in ticks
  rest-duration: 20

  #Maximum number of chunks loaded each tick
  chunks-per-tick: 10

#Setting up the world border
  #Set it to true to make the border reduce slowly
  moving: false

  #Starting size of the border (500 means +500x, -500x, +500z, -500z)
  start-size: 500

  #End size of the border (200means +200x, -200x, +200z, -200z)
  end-size: 200

  #If moving is set to true, the time in seconds for the border to shrink to end-size
  time-to-shrink: 3600

  #If moving is set to true, the time in seconds for the border before it starts moving
  time-before-shrink: 0

#Setting up the time limit
  #Set it to false to make an endless game until one team wins
  enable: true

  #The time in seconds for the time limit
  limit: 3600

  #Set it to true if you want a deathmatch after the time-limit (time-limit must be true)
  #For this to work, you must have WorldEdit installed and your arena.schematic file inside plugins/PlayUHC
  end-with-deathmatch-after-time-limit: false

  # Choose a rare block type that will create team teleport spots in the deathmatch arena
  #Block type reference list:
  deathmatch-teleport-spots-block: BEDROCK

  # The arena.schematic is pasted at x=10000 z=10000, you can choose here the y coordinate
  paste-arena-at-y: 100

#Don't change these options, it's used by the plugin to delete the old worlds when restarting
  nether: null
  overworld: null

#Write custom seeds to be used when creating a new map
  #Set it to true to pick a random seed from this list
  pick-random-seed-from-list: false

  #Write here custom seeds
  - 8708477303049171819
  - 4718448332187272495

#Write existing world name in your server folder to copy and play on a map you have created
  #Set it to true to use that feature (you must set pick random seed to false also)
  pick-random-world-from-list: false
  #A list of your existing world folders
  - your_world
  - your_second_world

#Enable bungee-coord support to send players back to the server of your choice when the game ends
  #Set it to true to send players back to a server at the end
  enable: false
  #The name of the server (same as in your bungee config)
  send-players-to-server-after-end: lobby
  #Time (in seconds) before sending the player to the hub (if enabled). Set to -1 to inactivate.
  time-before-send-after-death: 0
  #Time (in seconds) before sending all the players to the hub after the game has ended
  time-before-send-after-end: 0

#Reward your players for taking achievements (kills, win, playing time). 
#Require Vault and an Economy plugin compatible with Vault (I recommend CraftConomy)
  #Reward a player a price in your economy currency every time he is still alive after the interval (in seconds)
    enable: false
    reward: 100
    interval: 600
  #Reward a player a price in your economy currency every time he kills an enemy
    enable: false
    reward: 500
  #Reward a price in your economy currency to the winners of the game
    enable: false
    reward: 1000

# When set to true, the plugin won't delete the last world, it will just load it. It will also ignore the map pre-generator.
# This is to allow fast-configuration, to avoid creating new worlds when you only want to configure some other features.
debug: false


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