Question, regarding the deatharena and the schematic system #18

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Assigned to _ForgeUser12007516
  • cauliflower69 created this issue Sep 25, 2015

    We have added a schematic file and can spawn in the arena. Is it intentional that the death arena is always set at 50 x 50? Is there a way to change this?

    Thanks for a great plugin. Makes our communities UHC flawless

  • cauliflower69 added the tags New Other Sep 25, 2015
  • _ForgeUser12007516 posted a comment Sep 26, 2015

    The size of the walls is the max size of the schematic (width or length)

  • cauliflower69 posted a comment Sep 26, 2015

    @val59000: Go

    I may be doing something wrong then as any schematic I use the world border is always 50 x 50

  • _ForgeUser12007516 posted a comment Sep 29, 2015

    Try with a smaller schematic

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