This project is abandoned and its default file will likely not work with the most recent version of Minecraft. Whether this project is out of date or its author has marked it as abandoned, this project is no longer maintained.

<small>Credits to EnergizerBEAST1 for making the picture</small>


This plugin is not maintained anymore.
I can't provide any support to help you get started with.
A better version might be released some time later when I have time.
The source code is provided "as is", no copyrights, do what you want with it :


PlayUHC is a free Bukkit plugin for 1.8 It allows you to automate Ultra Hardcore games on a dedicated server !


PlayUHC is meant to be used alone on a dedicated server. You shouldn't be using this plugin on a multiworld server. This plugin automatically loads/deletes/creates new worlds by its own.

Main features

  • Easy GUI team creation (no commands)
  • Configurable teams thresholds / limits / auto-start
  • Custom kits (+permissions support)
  • Custom crafts (+permissions support)
  • Custom gold and experience drop
  • Killing a player can rewards an eatable player head to regen your team
  • World generation : random OR pick random seeds from a list OR copy your custom worlds
  • Pre-generates worlds to avoid lags
  • Configurable world border size and movement
  • Nether enabled and only twice smaller than overworld instead of minecraft default 8
  • Scoreboard display (teamates, lives, border)
  • Random teams teleport when starting
  • Compass to find your teammates
  • Auto restart feature (spigot) and bungee-support to send players to lobby at the end
  • Fully configurable text string to translate to your langage (FR version :!Vt42jJYA!KJSpZCP2YQDcj5Oh1gQ2RMyh8IFdrqf_mc9oKyhrxQk)
  • Optional features to run in fast mode (= uhc run)
  • And more ...

How to use

Configuration Just drop PlayUHC.jar in the plugins folder. Start your server and stop it This will create the default config file. Click here to have more info on how to configure the plugin. You can also change all the plugin messages inside lang.yml to translate to another language Once the plugin is configured as you wish, restart your server. The map will load and then players will be allowed to join. They will be teleported to the lobby when they join. If you want a custom lobby instead of the default glass generated one, just drop the schematic named lobby.schematic inside plugins/PlayUHC. To make it load you need to have WorldEdit installed too. The center of the lobby is where you were when you typed //copy

How to play

When you first login, you receive an iron sword. Right click it to access to the team menu. Click on a player head to send a team request. The other player will receive your head and can right click to accept or throw it to deny your team request To start the game, at least 3 teams (by default in config.yml) must be ready. To get your team ready, just click the red wool in the team menu. The game will then start within 15 seconds. Players will be teleported to random spots on the map, by teams. You can also choose a custom kit by right clicking the iron pickaxe when you are in the lobby. You can toggle kit permissions in the config During the game, player automatically chat with their team. To toggle global chat, they need to type /chat With team compass, right click it and it points to your playing teammates When spectating, you have access to '/teleport <player>' to teleport yourself to one of your playings teammates.

Map generation

If the list of seeds in the config is empty and pick-random-seed-from-list is set to false, the plugin will generate a random map so you might get a lot of ocean in it which is not good for an UHC game. To avoid getting to much ocean you can write a list of custom seeds in the config and set pick-random-seed-from-list to true. This way, it will pick a random seed from this list each time the server generate a new map. To help you get a list of seeds with not so much ocean, I recommend to use this little program : AMIDST.


When the game is finished, the plugin calls first the restart command from Spigot. So you can write the script you need to restart your server in Then, if the restart command doesn't exist (ex: Craftbukkit without Spigot), it then calls the stop command I recommend you to use Spigot to be able to automate the start of your server

Video reviews

Review by JaxBillz

Some screenshots

Team selection :

Kit selection :

Custom crafts :

MOTD support :

Scoreboard display :

Lightning effect on player death :

Kick on death (optional) :


Feel free to open a ticket (in the tab menu of this page) to report any bug or suggestion to help this plugin. Thanks


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