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    Aug 18, 2013
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Supported Bukkit Versions

  • 1.6.2



  • Made cleaner listener system
  • Major code clean up in some areas
  • Fixed bad lang file calls
  • Allow event file to now be empty
  • Fixed issue with npc's and player-like entities
  • Small bug fixes
  • Added german localization (de_DE)


  • Added top commands
  • SQLite is stable
  • Added an executable manager, so the plugin will not lag behind if your server is also lagging.
  • Added reloading
  • Cleaned up executables
  • Extensive bug checking / fixing
  • Code cleaned up / made javadocs for everything
  • Added database swapping
  • Added database conversion (NOTE: This will not convert to flatfile format, but will convert from it)
  • Added events and event system
  • Implemented multi-language system (Currently only english is translated, but more will be available dynamically)

YAML / Flatfile storage has been disabled. It is buggy and non-functional. If you do not want to use MySQL, I currently recommend using "sqlite". The flatfile is buggy enough that it won't convert files in its current state.

The automatic fixing of the configuration leaves it functional, but it's a little messy. It's a drawback, since I would have to choose between functionality and performance.