A plugin request made by x2dot HERE PlayerWipe a light weight inventory clear/spawn plugin.This plugin wipes out a players inventory and teleports them back to spawn on login. Requires no permission or commands.

  • Works with craftbukkit 1.7.9 R0.2


Alternative Spawn

Please check permissions bellow before doing anything Instead of altering the spawn point of your current world you can have it so you can set an alternative world. To do this follow these steps bellow

  1. Open up the config.yml for PlayerWipe
  2. Set AlternativeSpawn.Enable to true
  3. Reload config using /pwreload
  4. Go in game and run /pwsetspawn alt
  5. You can now teleport to that point using /pwspawn alt

UpdateChecking / AutoUpdating

This plugin now uses Gravity's Updater class. This means that the plugin will connect to the website to gather information about the plugin when there is an update and weather to download it automatically. This is configurable inside of the config.yml so if you don't want the functions feel free to set UpdateCheck/AutoUpdate to false

How to install

  1. Drag and drop into your plugins folder
  2. Start the server
  3. PlayerWipe will now work !!


NOTE: By default all op's have these permissions

  • playerwipe.* - Contains all Nodes
  • playerwipe.reload: Allows player to reload the config
  • playerwipe.bypass.* - Contains all Bypass Nodes
    • playerwipe.bypass.invclear: Player's inventory IS NOT cleared but IS still teleported
    • playerwipe.bypass.teleport: Player's inventory IS cleared but ISNT teleported
  • playerwipe.setspawn.* - Contains all setspawn Nodes
    • - Allows player to set the spawn for world as well as PlayerWipe
    • playerwipe.setspawn.alternative - Allows player to set the AlternativeSpawn(if enabled, see advanced) for world as well as PlayerWipe
  • playerwipe.spawn.* - Contains all spawn Nodes
    • - Allows player to teleport to the spawn for the world
    • playerwipe.spawn.alternative - Allows player to the AlternativeSpawn(if enabled, see advanced)
  • Feel free to comment ideas


  • /playerwipe-reload:
    • description: Reloads the PlayerWipe config
    • aliases: /pwreload
  • /playerwipe-setspawn:
    • description: Sets the spawn for the world as well as PlayerWipe
    • aliases: /setspawn , /pwsetspawn
  • /playerwipe-spawn:
    • description: Teleports player to the spawn.
    • aliases: /spawn , /pwspawn
  • Feel free to comment ideas


Big Thanks to:

  • xDot2 for the plugin request/idea
  • S1lverK3y for the new idea's & Plugin Logo

And thanks to all that download / donate


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