PlayerVIP v2.0.0


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    Sep 20, 2013
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Supported Bukkit Versions

  • CB 1.6.2-R1.0


  • Add Vault OfflinePlayer Support (now you can set offline Players with Vault)
  • New Group-Handling System (some commands changed in syntax)
    • All Commands with GroupID will now only support Groupname
    • Global Group System: You can create new Groups ingame with your Permission-Plugin. With this Update, you doesnt enter the name of the Group into PlayerVIPs config.yml
    • Intelligent Group-Reset: After expire, the User will get this old Group. Not a global defined Group
  • 2 new Commands:
    • /vip purge <PLAYER> (playervip.purge) - Force to end VIP-Time / Cancel VIP
    • /vip list [Page] (playervip.list) - Show all VIPs and their Expire-Information
  • Fixing some Translations
  • Fixing some Bugs
  • NO SUPPORT: If you use PHP-Check for VIP, you will need now to change to MySQL or SQLite. Check VIP through PHP will not support anymore (This are not for PayPal-PHP and Free-VIP PHP, only for the old VIP-Check)


Please make a Backup of your Database, before update to this Version. The Database will be upgraded automatically. If this failure or something else, its recommend to create a Backup of your Database before updating If you use the optional PHP-Files for PayPal or Free-VIP by me: These are outdatet with this Version and will get an Update in the next Days