This project is abandoned and its default file will likely not work with the most recent version of Minecraft. Whether this project is out of date or its author has marked it as abandoned, this project is no longer maintained.

2013-03-28: Someone ask me if he could take over this project, so I flag PlayerRider as abandonned to let him proceed. In every instance, you've seen I didn't make new releases since long time because I'm very busy, so this project will not be updated by me (or maybe in an undetermined future).

PlayerRider - Ride other players by right clicking.
Version: 1.1

PlayerRider is a very simple plugin which allows you to ride other players. Présentation française du plugin : sur Die ersten 2 Videos (Deutsch) zeigen, wie es zu installieren.

Dependencies: None!

Simply copy the .jar into your Bukkit's "plugins" directory, then run the server.

Medias: Click on one of them to enlarge (image) / play (video)

Image: Nexys, Videos: BukkitDE / SupriciousCraft / Liberttee / minecraftplayer228

The file plugins/PlayerRider/config.yml is created the first time you run the server,
it contains 2 options: "message" and "ejectmessage". The first one allow you to customize the message displayed to all players when someone ride another player ; The second one is the message when a player eject a rider.

For both options: <player> designate the rider's player name / <duck> the name of the guy being ridden. To disable the message, simply put an empty (double) quotes pair ( "" ).

- playerrider.ride: Can ride a player.
- playerrider.beridden: Can be ridden.
- playerrider.eject: Can eject players.

Right click on a player to ride him. You can only ride a player if:
- You have the permission playerrider.ride
- This player has the permission playerrider.beridden
- You have no player(s) on your shoulders

To get down from a player, right click again on him.

If you right click on a player who bears someone or on someone sitting on another player,
you will appear on the top of them. So, you can make towers :)
(In that case, only the upper player can get down, the others have to wait being the upper one.)

A player who has someone on his shoulder can eject him/her/them by right clicking on them,
but only if he has the permission playerrider.eject, otherwise his only option is to cry :P

Why this plugin?
At the beginning, this was only an easter egg from my other plugin Insurance (not in official releases) to a friend's server. When I did it, I've never heard about MobRider… I still choose to share it's feature to let users who need a less complex plugin use it if it fits their needs ; But also because my source code is -I think- very easy to understand and so, beginner developers could learn from it.

Source code:
You can read or get the source code from my GitHub repository.

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