PlayerPoints v1.6


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    May 24, 2013
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Supported Bukkit Versions

  • 1.5.2



You want virtual and easy-to-use shops? BossShop allows to create the most player friendly shops ever!

Tired of promoting your Players by hand? CommandRank promotes players for money/kills/passwords/exp etc.!

Allow your players to open a Shop GUI by right-clicking an Item with GuiShopManager

You want your VIPs to be able to become invincible but you are afraid of abusing players? Use VIP-God :)


  • Added optional Vault support.
    • By default it is off. Also, majority of standard Economy plugins will supercede this one if they are being in use as well while vault support is enabled.
  • Added the in-game leader board.
    • Use /p lead. Navigate using "lead prev", "lead next", or "lead [page]"
    • The help menu has added this new command.
    • Requires the permission node: PlayerPoints.lead
  • Internal changes
    • This BREAKS any plugins that use it. Please tell the devs to update to this new version.
  • Build against Bukkit 1.5.2


  • SQLibrary is now an optional dependency.
    • Required if you use SQLite or MySQL as the storage type.
  • Added events.


  • Requires SQLibrary
    • Removed the internal version which was really old.
  • API is no longer static.
    • If you need access to the API, grab the plugin instance through the plugin manager, and then use getAPI() to use the methods as normal.


  • Fixed: Not closing SQL statement on setting player points...
    • Because Mits is a derp
  • A bit of documentation...
  • Built against recommended build...
    • Not like it was broken due to new bukkit... but hey, some people like seeing it at the latest version... for reasons...

For the record, I'm (Mits) is not 100% back to do plugin development... I did this update because someone cool asked me to look into it, and it was a quick fix.


  • Fixed: Taking points does not fail when the new balance results to 0 points.


  • Fixed showing the set command in the help menu
    • Thanks to @Mayney365
  • Set command should now show in the localization.yml


  • Created help menu with description of commands
    • Available commands will only show if they have the associated permission node
  • Fixed issues regarding localization messages
    • Thanks to @Mayney365
  • Added more localization options, for pretty much every message.
  • Minor internal restructuring.


  • Messages can now be edited through the localization.yml.
    • Messages support formatting codes.
  • Notification messages are sent to target players for the give/take/pay actions.


  • Complete change on the backend
    • SQLite and MySQL support
    • MySQL import options
    • YAML storage changes, points are now stored in storage.yml when using YAML
      • Old points should automatically be transferred over
  • Config.yml now has options:
    • storage type / information
    • votifier options
  • Votifier is now internalied


  • Major internal changes.
  • New API class for developers to hook into.
  • Built against CB 1.2.5-R4


  • Added /money pay <name> <amount>
  • Removed console message


  • Added reset to the text on /points
  • Added set to the text on /points


  • Fixed console command on /p ingame
  • Fixed some errors
  • Added set command
  • Added reset command


  • Fixed bugs on consoleCommand


  • Fixed Permission bugs


  • Release
  • There is no YAML to SQLite import