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Player Jobs

Current Development Progress

65% Complete (updated August 1, 2014)

Initial Release Features

  • Earn currency and/or experience points in each job
  • Customize payout for each job (currency/xp)
  • You decide the level caps
  • Player rankings
  • Random challenges (example: First player to mine 100 coal gets 50 credits and 5 xp... must be a miner at the time of the challenge)
  • Enable/Disable penalty for destroying blocks that you have placed
  • Unlock skills as you level up jobs
  • Storage options: SQLite or MySQL

Coming Soon Features

  • Create your own jobs, skill trees, leveling systems
  • PlayerJobs statistics page for your server
  • All players can bet on the winner of a challenge (you can customize the odds in the config)
  • What features would you like to have? Leave comments below and I will do my best to add them in after the initial release.

Included Jobs

  • Miner(mines raw materials with any pickaxe)
  • Carpenter (builds wooden items, places wooden blocks)
  • Logger (uses an ax to chop logs and leaves)
  • Digger (uses a shovel to dig dirt/grass/sand/clay/etc.)
  • Alchemist (potion maker)
  • ArmsDealer (makes weapons like bows and swords) - Will work on modded servers in the future
  • Warrior (fights hostile mobs)
  • Butcher (kills peaceful mobs, cooks pork/beef/chicken/etc.)
  • Smelter (smelt raw ores)
  • Blacksmith (repair tools and weapons)
  • What default jobs would you like to see available?


  • playerjobs.admin Gives all commands
  • playerjobs.list Lists all available jobs - /playerjobs list
  • Displays information on the specified job - /playerjobs info <jobname>
  • playerjobs.join Allows a player to join a job - /playerjobs join <jobname>
  • playerjobs.quit Allows a player to quit a job - /playerjobs quit <jobname>
  • The help menu for the plugin
  • playerjobs.lookup displays player stats on all jobs or a specific job - /playerjobs lookup <PlayerName> [jobname]


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