What It Does

This plugin binds the player's username to his IP. This can be very useful when griefers are trying to connect with ALTs. For best protection, use MaxBans with "DnsBL" enabled in the configuration (it prevents known proxies to join the server).

Commands & Permissions

At the moment, there are 2 commands:
/nodupeip - Administrator commands that reload the plugin (will implement config editing in later versions). Permission: nodupeip.admin
/ip [username] - Allows you to see a player's IP address. Permission: nodupeip.checkip

Commandless permissions:
nodupeip.notify - Notifies the player when somebody tries to join with a changed username.


configversion: DO NOT TOUCH! The config will reset!
ignore-premium: Not implemented yet.
ignore-ip: Ignored IP list separated by dashes instead of dots.
user-list: Usernames are binded to their IPs here.

Get the latest bukkit-approved version here.


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