PlayerHider is a plugin that shows players further than a configurable distance as sneaking to make underground bases harder to spot. It also (as of 0.4) features Line of Sight hiding for players within the configured distance. This is done via Packet Manipulation through ProtocolLib which shouldn't trigger any Anti-Cheating Measures or interfere with other plugins.

It uses code from Sneaky:

Sneaky (C) 2013 Kristian S. Stangeland, Licensed under the GNU GPL2, available at It also uses (as of 0.5) Plugin-Metrics by Hidendra, available here:


This plugin requires ProtocolLib to function!


  • Shows players further than the specified distance away from a player as sneaking to that player
  • If LoS is turned on, shows players within that distance as sneaking if they are behind objects
  • Can be hidden for operators, admins, moderators...

Planned Features

  • Currently no planned features in the near future. Let me know if you want anything.


There are no commands, currently.


  • playerhider.hide.autosneak: Hides the autosneaking for that player, everyone appears normal to them.


Very easy to configure, disable and reeanble the plugin for changes to take effect:

  • updatecooldown: The plugins tickrate in milliseconds, from 0 for as often as possible (only use this for v0.5 or newer and on servers running at a good tickrate) up to technically infinity (though I recommend 1000 for once a second as a default for weak servers). This affects both LoS and distance based hiding.
  • sneakdistance: Players further apart than this distance (in blocks) are shown as sneaking to each other. If LoS is active players who are within that distance from each other are checked for visibility and are shown as sneaking if they are not visible to each other. You can set this pretty high, but this will increase server load if many players are within the distance from each other. This should be a negligible on any servers maintaining the deafult tickrate but might be a concern on weaker servers.
  • LoS: This turns Line of Sight hiding on or off, default off, set true to turn it on.



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