This project is abandoned and its default file will likely not work with the most recent version of Minecraft. Whether this project is out of date or its author has marked it as abandoned, this project is no longer maintained.

This plugin provides a unique player leveling system that overlays ontop of another plugin of mine known as LorinthsRpgMobs. What this plugin does is provide spells and a "non-class" leveling system. This plugin is great for pvp or pve servers wanting to add a leveling system to their server.


  • LorinthsRpgMobs (optional, but HIGHLY suggested... practically depended on)
  • PlayEffect - gives all the visual partical effects (turn off on client side if it causes lag for clients)


Every player has 6 different stats they can spend skill points on and raise. These stats are...

  • Strength - for melee attacks, also passively increases physical damage, and slightly increases maximum health
  • Constitution - for physical defense, also passively increases health
  • Dexterity - for ranged attacks, also increases critical hit chance, and dodge slightly
  • Agility - for mobility skills, increases dodge, and critical slightly
  • Wisdom - for magical defense, also passively increases mana, and mana regen
  • Intellegence - for magic attack, passively increases mana, and mana regen slightly


Each of the stats above are relative to a type of class a player would like to play as.

  • Strength - warrior, skills unlocked by this stat deal straight physical damage and some even knockback
  • Constitution - knight, most of the skills raise the characters, or parties, defense/health regen temporarily
  • Dexterity - archer, skills unlocked are arrow skills that do not consume arrows, also will unlock passives to retrieve arrows in the future
  • Agility - rogue, these skills give movement and debuff's. For example the rogue can teleport behind their target and hurt them
  • Wisdom - healer, most of the skills given here increase mana or heal other players/yourself
  • Intellegence - mage, gain spells such as fireball or poison to take down the tanks.

Stats page

Players can easily view their unique stats at any time by using the command /stats or /battlestats (more combat specific) or /passives to see the bonuses you gain from the skills you have

Here are pictures of these windows...

/stats - notice how the stats are colored, that will come into play later /stats

/passives - the passives are colored according to which stat they were obtained from. Bonus Mana I was obtained from Wisdom. /passives

/battlestats - notice how each stat that is listed is colored... because those are effected by the coordinating stat /battlestats


  • /addstat <stat> - if you have skill points (seen with /stats) you can spend them on stats to upgrade your character.
  • /battlestats - view detailed combat information
  • /bindskill <spellname> - while holding an item you can type this command which allows you to right click to use the spell bound to the item. (e.g. /bindskill Heal I - while holding a wooden stick would cast Heal I every time I right click with a wooden stick)
  • /cast - executed when a player right clicks with a skillbound item
  • /giveexp <player> <amount> - gives an exp amount to the player, if the reward is over 1 level then you'll have to kill some creatures to get more levels
  • /passives - displays your unlocked passives
  • /resetpoints - gain all your points back so you can reallocate them (sometimes buggy)
  • /spells - displays all your currently unlocked spells
  • /stats - displays your core stats that you can upgrade


Only one permission out of this command list

  • PlayerDevelop.GiveExp - gives access to /giveexp <player> <amount>

Current Spell List

Eventually you'll be able to make your own spells for this plugin to interpret but right now these are hardcoded and an early list definitely to be added to.

  • 5 = Bash I - Deals extra physical damage to your target
  • 10 = Lunge - You dash towards your target you are looking at and deal damage
  • 20 = Hard Bash - Deal damage like Bash I, but with a knockback.
  • 30 = (Passive) - Smack - chance on hit to knock back the target
  • 40 = Whirlwind - deals small aoe damage
  • 50 = Bash II - stronger version of Bash I
  • 5 = Taunt - you leash all nearby enemies to you for 10 seconds
  • 10 = Burning Blood - You speed up your health regen for a short while
  • 20 = Sentintel - You take 50% reduced damage for a duration
  • 30 = (Passive) - Health regen I - you gain 1 more hp per regen event
  • 40 = (Passive) - Burning Blood Upgrade - Your burning blood is enhanced allowing you to regen more
  • 50 = (Passive) - Block Chance I - You gain a 10% chance to block all damage on hit
  • 5 = Power Shot I - Deal increased damage with an arrow shot
  • 10 = Invisible I - You gain invisibility for a short time
  • 15 = (Passive) Improved Critical - gives 10% bonus to crit damage
  • 20 = Poison Shot - poisons the target you hit
  • 25 = (Passive) Arrow Retrieval I - gives 20% chance to gain your arrow back (not implemented yet)
  • 30 = Cripple Shot - slows the target that you hit
  • 40 = Power Shot II - Improved form of Power Shot I
  • 50 = Teleport Shot - Teleports the shooter where the arrow hits
  • 5 = Back Step - You jump backwards about 45 blocks
  • 10 = Stab - Deal additional physical damage
  • 20 = Jump - You jump up and forwards about 3 foreward & 5 up (changes with how far up and down you look)
  • 25 = (Passive) Increased Evasion I - Increases dodge chance by 5%
  • 30 = Backstab - teleport behind your target and stabs them
  • 40 = (Passive) Projectile Evasion - chance to dodge arrows
  • 50 = Life Steal - deal damage and gain health
  • 5 = Heal I - Heals a small amount of health
  • 10 = (Passive) Bonus Mana I - grants 10 additional Mana
  • 15 = (Passive) Magic Defense I - increases Magic defense by 5
  • 20 = Heal II - Heals a moderately-small amount of health
  • 30 = Regeneration - grants your target (or yourself) health regeneration
  • 40 = (Passive) Mana Regen I - grants 2 additional mana regen
  • 50 = Group Heal - heals other players nearby (don't use in PvP... could heal the enemies as well)
  • 5 = Fireball I - Deals a small amount of fire damage
  • 10 = Poison - poisons your target
  • 20 = Mana Regen I - adds 1 to your mana regen
  • 30 = Bonus Mana - adds 20 to your mana pool
  • 40 = Slow - Slows your target down
  • 50 = Fireball II - increased damage version of Fireball I

For other Developers

If you wish to contribute or even build ontop of this I do save the characters profiles into ymls which you can open up and use for other things if you wish. So if you so desire feel free to build on this!


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